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Great women or girls with the intent of completing their academic achievement prior to their life goals are hugely invited by AAUW Scholarship accredited universities to startup a postdoctoral, masters or doctoral degrees in any of the accredited scholarship courses. Indicate you interest by applying to the management through 2020 AAUW International Scholarship.

Afterwards, few lucky intelligent fellows will be selected using the instructed selection criteria. Back to our base, whats the aim of this women fellowship international scholarship. Interestingly, this scholarship is aimed at empowering and as well enlightening the young or middle-aged women or female child towards academic achievements and life experiences.

Knowing your civic duties and being able to fight for other victimized women practically suppressed by the society is also one of the top priorities of this scholarship. US has refill women with sufficient strength and firm capabilities to withstand all society’s oppression. Due to these aims, USA citizens are left out. They are not qualified for the scholarship application. Only foreign students whether you are residing in US or not, are fit for the application.

But it will be more considerate when you are applying outside US. However, student applicants with dual citizenship are not qualified aside your citizenship never involved or involves US permanent resident as well. So, in conclusion of this aspect, we intend to portray that citizens with legal US Green card are practically not accepted and will never be considered once application is completed.

Therefore, apply for 2020 AAUW international Scholarship for postgraduate and graduate programs targeted at foreign students. You have all your expenses covered by the scholarship grantees. Your feeding, accommodation, travels during academic researches in your institution, airfare to and fro of applicant’s country, tuition fee and the non-mentioned. Go through the sections below to grab the foresight of AAUW Scholarship for International Women.`

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Features of the Beneficiaries

Recipients of this scholarship will be determined with these criteria. Go through them one after the other as to discover your eligibility status. Before you head on to the application portal, these are all you have to possess.

    • First of all, you do not have to gain any legal and permanent attachment with the US. Even in dual citizenship, US shouldn’t be among the included national of the candidate
    • On the other hand, prospective candidates must be only students intending to further their second, third or last cycle of the higher tertiary program. That is to say, only masters, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees are certified.
    • Moreso, Students with motives of furthering with this fully bursary program must demonstrate proof of initial degree level completion before the next level is decided and accomplished
    • At this point, application becomes considerate with strong English proficiency record aside you graduated your first level(undergraduate) or secondary school level in an English speaking institution or you applied from an English speaking country
    • Students are subjected to full time program which will all be catered for, until the end of the program. You must agree to undergo the program fully

2020 AAUW International Scholarship

Handful of students are carved out everyday from tons of diverse applicants to accomplish a full-time postgraduate program in any USA participating university. In addition to all the awards that has been dedicated to the lucky nominated students, free application was also endorsed from all ramification.

Meanwhile, applicants/researchers questing for online program should gain this information right here and now; Any other program evaluation aside form the full time postgraduate study that will be taken at the university itself, will not be funded and also not responsibilities of AAUW Scholarship grantees.

Qualified Constituencies

We mentioned that countries away from US, are strongly qualified to partake in this grant for women only. Any candidate with international dual citizenship can apply. If you are a citizen of US or permanent residents of this same country, then you have no other choice than to refrain from applying 2020 AAUW Women Fellowship Scholarship for international students.

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Educational Qualifications

  1. If you intend applying for Masters program, then you must provide transcript of successful Bachelor’s program completion as evidence and criteria for being selected as a qualified candidate
  2. Students accounting for Doctoral Degrees will be certified with no deviation if only they represented successful completion of their Master’s Degree level program with a valid, certified transcripts
  3. Also, postdoctoral intenders becomes qualified for future participation if their doctoral program were proved completed and successful accomplished.

Above are the academic achievement of any interested applicant of AAUW 2020 postgraduate scholarship for international students.

How to Apply:

In as much as its an annually processed program, the season hasn’t approached for 2020 AAUW Scholarship for international women. We would love to inform you immediately the scholarship application starts but the tendency of getting the information now depends on you. We will reach out to all our readers including you.

Therefore; drop any of your contact details so that we will keep in touch. Or kindly subscribe our page so as to be notified on the application startup. Rendering updates is always our priority. However, check out other scholarship websites below.

Other Scholarship Opportunites

There are so many scholarship opportunities ongoing, you can apply for international scholarship opportunities or stick with the ones that your government can give you, nevertheless, for any ongoing scholarship opportunity you apply, there are chances you will get it and there are still chances you will not, but be positive and always follow up your application for any spontaneous notification.

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