2021/2022 IPCC Scholarship Application – IPCC PhD Program

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2021/2022 IPCC scholarship application is for students from developing countries. All applications must be submitted before the due date. However, the due date is already announced. So, check the application procedures before making an application attempt.IPCC scholarship scheme is extracted for postgraduates or post doctoral candidates that are ready to study climate and it’s changes. It is an annual programme for PhD students. Prior to that, all the entrants must have finished their undergraduate level and are ready for the PhD level. Moreover, you are eligible if you have enrolled for at least one year or are already undertaking a post doctoral research program.

Additionally, apply 2021/2022 IPCC scholarship application for PhD students after reviewing the application requirements. First and foremost is that applicants must be citizens of developing countries. More to that, get your research proposals ready because they won’t be taken for granted. As a matter of fact, it’s good to make it clear that IPCC is only awarding the scholarship to students with the same aim as them.

IPCC Scholarship Objectives

Do you know the aim of the IPCC? It is to train students and leaders of tomorrow on matters concerning the risks of climate change, objectives for mitigation, potential impacts of climate change, and options for adaptation. These beneficiaries will move out or their ways to learn about this idea. Meanwhile, check out the application requirements.

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IPCC Scholarship Application Requirements

Quickly go through these requirements to take note of all the documents that are serving as supplementary materials for this application.

  • The first and most important is the application form.
  • Your research proposals.
  • Proof of being a postgraduate or post doctoral student.
  • Proof of your citizenship. Your national ID and passport will be needed.
  • On the other hand, the provisional budget won’t be taken for granted.

Get them ready after you have checked the application requirements below and accept your eligibility status.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are all the prerequisites that make you eligible. You should confirm it yourself. It is after the discovery that you can proceed with the 2021/2022 IPCC scholarship application form students from developing countries.

  1. Apply now if you are a PhD student that has either successfully enrolled for at least one year in the PhD program or currently taking a postdoctoral concept.
  2. In addition to that, you are expected to be a citizen of a developing country.
  3. If you must know, only intelligent students with high records and also ready to give academic records are accepted here.
  4. Notwithstanding all, you must apply online, following the application procedures and on the application portal.
  5. Above all, applicants are encouraged to provide their research proposals which are not limited to water management, forestry, biodiversity, terrestrial carbon cycle, living soils, regenerative viticulture, and agroforestry topics.

You will need to complete the process below on the application portal so as to become one of the considered applicants.

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2021/2022 IPCC Scholarship Application

You are already detailed on the scholarship eligibility requirements, demanded application documents, the countries that can apply, and other details. Congratulations!. It is an annual program. This year, the application ended in March, 2021 but students are still lucky!. Drop your details here so as to be included in the next session.

Once it starts, go to https://apps.ipcc.ch/scholarship, register for an online access to the application form by clicking on the Register button at the top right side or the page. Use an accessible email and password to set this access.

Questions about the 2021/2022 IPCC scholarship application for PhD students from developing countries are answered here. Drop your questions in the comment box below.

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