2021-2022 Postgraduate Scholarships for Foreign Students

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2021-2022 postgraduate scholarships for foreign students are listed in the content for students to review and select to apply. Each of them has its diverse eligibility requirements, level of funding, and duration. Access them to discover the one that is really meant for you.International students are blessed with different kinds of scholarships annually. These students are left with the option to check the scholarship, the requirements, application deadlines, and other instructions that are pertained to the scholarship. Today, we present to the general public the 2021-2022 postgraduate scholarships for foreign students.

This award involves students from all countries. You will be sponsored throughout your program provided that you are eligible for PhD studies at the participating university. However, we wish to remind you that it is a postgraduate program. Therefore, students that will attempt or proceed with the application must be aspirants of fresh postgraduate training.

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When to Apply

You are expected to apply for  the scholarship no later than the due date. Enlisted students will be interviewed and other selection mechanisms will be undergone by these students to check if they are qualified enough to enjoy all the supports that will be given to them.

Supporting Documents

It will be wise for you to write down and note all the required documents that aspirants and candidates are expected to submit alongside their application form.

  1. A current CV that is comprising your work experiences, academic qualifications, and proof of degree.
  2. Academic transcripts.
  3. Proof of citizenship.
  4. Your publications.
  5. Recommendation letters.
  6. Academic degree certificates.

Others will be communicated to you while the application is being applied. Meanwhile, their requirements vary according to scholarships and the universities involved.

Qualification Criteria

International students are qualified to apply 2021-2022 postgraduate scholarships for foreign students but some criteria will make you 100% eligible for these postgraduate offers. You are free to apply for the support and expand your training but

  • You must be an international student that has nothing to do with the citizenship of the country you are applying for.
  • Also, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree to qualify for Master’s or completed Bachelor’s and Master’s to qualify for Ph.D.
  • Candidates must live with the fact that a lot is expected from them. So, they must turn up in their academics by giving satisfactory results.
  • Apply for the postgraduate scholarships for international students 2022 if you have never taken or underwent a postgraduate program since lifetime.
  • Don’t apply if you have received a Postgraduate degree certificate.
  • Moreover, the offer is only available for students within the age range of 18 and 35. Nothing above 35 years.
  • The course you are enrolling in must be available in the participating university and the same as the discipline taken in previous degrees.

I believe you have reviewed little of what is expected from postgraduate aspirants. Quickly, look at the application procedures.

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2021-2022 Postgraduate Scholarships for Foreign Students

The application has closed for this year while some scholarships like Google-sponsored scholarships are still available. So, if you want to apply, drop your email below so that we will drop you the application link and other additional documents to provide.

As a matter of fact, you can drop the email now to apply before the deadline. VisaVit is here to guide you through the application process. You can also use the comment box below to ask questions if you have any.

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