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Local Rotary districts are selecting students for 2021 Rotary Peace scholarships so that they can proceed with any of the professional development certificate program provided by the participating universities. The course you choose to offer determines the university you will be transferred to.

Rotary Pace is an organization found for promoting peace and nurturing young leaders that will help in preventing conflicts in the world. It is created for all the countries and in all the countries. Every country and state has local Rotary district. Interestingly, students that are considered eligible for the 2021 Rotary peace scholarships are the ones nominated by their respective local Rotary peace districts.

Therefore, apply without constraints if you are ready to study in any of the universities participating with this program. English proficiency test will be required because it is in high demands that all applicants must know how to deal with English, be outspoken, intelligent, and have the spirit of spreading and teaching peace.

With this award, over 130 students are selected from different countries of the world to study in UK, Australia, Uganda, US, Sweden, Japan, and Thailand. The scholarship is available to promote students in pursuing a professional development certificate program or a Masters program in any course related to peace resolution.

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Who can Apply?

You must be asking who can apply 2021 Rotary peace scholarship. Well, the good news is that we have answered all your questions on this page. Review the idea and ensure that these facts are same with you, if not, you are ineligible.

  • Applicants can apply if they are nominated by their local Rotary peace district.
  • Your undergraduate course must be taken at a recognized university.
  • Also, your next level must be Masters. You are eligible to proceed with Rotary peace fellowship if your undergraduate coursework is prior to peace resolution and conflict prevention or the course itself.
  • You must be English proficient.
  • Moreover, you ought to have the zeal of promoting peace in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

After reviewing this, it will interest you to note down all the characteristics that determines an eligible student.

Eligibility Requirements

Students are doubtless eligible if they meet up with these mentioned requirements. Without much ado, international applicants are considered when the person

  • Is a Bachelor’s degree holder.
  • Took undergraduate coursework in a recognized university of their country.
  • Committed to promote strong cross-cultural understanding and peace.
  • More to that, this applicant must have three years of work experience in conflict prevention or its related and also demonstrate how their plans will contribute to full installation of peace in every country of the world.

Masters and certificate studies fellowship are awarded each year by Rotary peace fellowship scheme. Apply now for free to enjoy a fully funded scholarship coverage.

Deadline of the Scholarship

Students have from now till May 15th, 2021 to submit their application. It must be a complete application. What makes it complete are all the required documents. You must provide these documents completely to validate your Rotary peace fellowships scholarship.

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Participating Universities

Each university has a course or courses that it is taking care of but they are all participating with Rotary Peace organization in training individuals that will join in promoting peace. Check any of the institutions and the course(s) they made available.

  • University of Bradford ( England )
  • Duke university ( US )
  • Chulangkom university ( Thailand )
  • University of North Carolina ( US )
  • University of Quuensland ( Australia )
  • Makerere University ( Uganda )
  • International Christian University ( Japan )
  • Upsala university ( Sweden ).

Which of them is your best university? Choose your institution now and apply 2021 Rotary peace scholarships with this idea.

Apply 2021 Rotary Peace Scholarships

2021 Rotary peace scholarships application will end on 15th May, 2021. All the participants must go to this scholarship official website to apply for the scholarship. Visit https://www.rotary.org/en/peace-fellowships now to fill the form. After completing it, go to Rotary district in your country to submit the application before the deadline.

Then, every endorsed district must submit for their branch on 1st July, 2021. NB: Application submission after the due date is not accepted.

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