A Guide to Applying Your China Visa

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A country in the East of Asia with a population of about 1.404 billion people; the Republic of China covers approximately 9,600,000 of square Kilometers. Known for a remarkably cultural trends and histories and governed by the general accepted communist party of China. Recently China appeared as one of the world’s most technology base country with companies and private firm almost at every street. A wonderful place to visit as a technology students and also one of the bet tourist country.

A Guide to Applying Your China Visa

Am sure you will like to visit where Jackie Chan, Jet Li and other interesting actors hailed from, so now, we will like to show you a guide to applying your China visa. So, now that you want to travel to visa, our first question is: Are you eligible? what are your reasons to want to travel? do you want to migrate permanently or temporally?

Answering these question will help you prepare your mind along with our guide to applying your china visa. But most importantly, the Chinese immigration department forbids one who is into the country  from staying more than the days stipulated without using or having the permanent resident permit. We are coming to that.

Moreover, if you are applying for a China visa, you must know the category of visa you are applying for, just like in U.S Visa requirements, you are to either choose if your application is for immigration visa or non-immigration visa. Likewise, the Chinese immigration government will like that you state clearly, after knowing the categories, the kind of visa to apply.

Categories of China Visa 

There are different facets of visa in china and trust me, you must identity with one if you are willing to apply for a visa, so lets see them below:

  • Business Visa
  • Missionary Visa
  • Crew Visa
  • Non Business Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Family Visit Visa
  • Teacher Visa
  • Diplomat/Official Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Transit Visa

China Visa Category Terms 

  • M Visa – for trade and commercial activities
  • X1 – students who want to study in china, maximum stay requirements is 180 days.
  • Visa X2 – for academic students wishing to stay above 180 days.
  • X2 Visa – for students that may not say up to 18 days
  • Visa Z – staff visa
  • L Visa – for tourism
  • S1 Visa – for parents, spouse, Foreign workers

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is the kind of visa that allows you to move into a country for tourism, tourism includes sightseeing, adventure, historical movement, tours, academic tourism travel and lots more. this kind of visa doesn’t require much and most at times, it is issued easily.

Kinds of China Tourist Visa 

  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa – When issued a multiple entry tourist visa, you have the permit to stay in China for a tour for maximum of 60 days and it is valid for a year. Which means you can decide to visit the country as many times as you want under a tour, however, for each stay you are only to spend 30 days.
  • Single Entry – Under single entry, you are to visit China for a tourism just for once in a year and maximum stay is 30 days.
  • Double Entry – visit the country for a tour just twice in a year and stay at each time 30 days

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Basic Supporting Documents 

A. appropriates filled China visa application form, you can get the form online to fill already
B. a print-out slip of your confirmation of visa application, also your AVAS confirmation slip, (get this online) a recent passport photograph, shown all facial features.
C. original valid international passport, validity should be minimum six months before expiring
D. a letter issued by any relevant entity living in China.

Passport Photo Requirements 

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Not all passport photograph are required for your travel, the basic requirement for your passport photographs are listed below.

  • it must be a recent passport photograph, don’t use your passport when you were you ger while you are older or when you are slim while you are fat.
  • passport must be in JPEG format.
  • mus show all facial features
  • digital passport photographs that wiped off facial features are not required.
  • passport should show the eye, the forehead, nose and jaw of the applicant clear
  • the two ears should also show appropriately.

How to Apply for a Chinese Visa

  • gather all the requirements listed above, you can find out more in the Chinese embassy in your country.
  • if you are in Nigeria: go to the city of Abuja or to Lagos state to start your application.
  • if you are in Washington, US, Korea, India, Ghana, Europe, UAE, South Africa, Canada or any country in Africa, visit the Chinese, Embassy in your country to start your application.
  • submit your application online and once you are done, prepare for your interview.

Note:  A guide to Applying for China Visa, shows advises that, you find out how much he visa application fee is, however, note that  the Chinese visa is not free and all registration is done on

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