Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University 2022/2023

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Do you know that Academy Scholars program at Harvard university 2022/2023 application has started?. It is for all the students that have ever had the dream of living in US for a study and influential studies at that. Harvard University Academy Scholars program is here now to change the whole story.

Do you need special training in the career field you chose? Academy scholars program is a support program offered in Harvard university for upcoming PhD students and current PhD students to receive full support based on facilities, attention, finances, and superior training in International and Area Studies, social studies, and including laws. You will receive support as a beneficiary in al ramifications but have you checked the requirements?

As we have discovered already, Academy Scholars Program at Harvard university 2022/20223 is for all the countries outside US and Canada. Students from these mentioned countries are ineligible for the offer. More so, you must be English proficient and also be a high aiming student in order to be eligible for the ongoing program. The application is simple and free but as a law, you must apply and submit all before the due date.

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Who Can Apply?

I know you must be in search of students that are qualified to be candidates of this wonderful offer, that is actually not a problem as you will find out now.

  • First, you must be a PhD student.
  • Also, not be a US citizen or Canadian citizen.
  • Notwithstanding, it is expected that you are taking part in the approved studies which are social studies, law, and international and area studies.
  • It is also expected that you will have interested to study in US Harvard university as well in order to be eligible.
  • Only for outstanding, high aiming, and special students that are ready to make changes in the community with their career.
  • Hope you are loyal enough to receive teachings from senior Harvard university faculty members as they will join hands in making your learning more extraordinary and exceptional.
  • Two years are appointed or the learning. Can you stay in US as a resident for the straight two years for the postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard university?.
  • Can you partake in the learning as a full-time student?

After all these questions, you will discover by yourself how eligible for the program.

Eligible Countries

All the countries except US and Canada are the countries that their citizens can apply for postdoctoral academy scholars program at Harvard university. Alongside that, you must be into the PhD level of your academic learning.

Supporting Documents

  • English proficiency test.
  • PH.D. academic transcript.
  • Curriculum Vitae that is including your publications.
  • Cover letter that demonstrates candidate’s country or region of specialization, field of study, and project research topic.
  • Also, the research topic should be maximum of two thousand and five hundred words including disciplinary work, intellectual objectives, and methodological.
  • Three recommendation letters that will be uploaded alongside the application form.

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Academy Scholars Program at Harvard University 2022/2023

Academy scholars program at Harvard university 2022/2023 is for free and you can apply online when you provide all the required documents. Scan the documents shown above and visit to apply the scholarship before October 1st, 2022.

Click on Apply Now. On the next page, click on “Apply”. Create account by filling the form next to you, login, and then proceed to the application form to complete your intention.

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