1. I actually don’t no how describe zenith bank on this article because it was wonderful and helpfully assist our stress. You’re great !

  2. I want to register the acct in my new device and it’s not working
    I even went to bank today they told me have deleted the formal acct on the app
    But still yet when I click register in d app..it shows account number already been used

    • Yes, sometimes it happens that way so dear I will suggest that you revisit any zenith bank close to you to open a fresh account. Zenith bank account opening is free.

  3. Wowwwwww, thank you so muchhhh. You’re a life saver πŸ™πŸ™, the information on this page was more than useful, thank you so much once again πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. I lost the device logged to my banking app , i tried registering a new device bit it demanded activation, i tried using my card information but it declined insisting only on hardware token , i downloaded the e-token app tried getting a token but after filling out my card information they sent an otp which i tried to use but it kept saying authentication fail and no token available to be signed to this user, i can’t help it cus I’m not in the country, can’t visit any bank branch or make inquiries and i need to operate my account desperately, please help me

  5. I open my zenith account last year and got my BVN and ATM card this month, I downloaded the mobile app on my phone, I’ve been trying register on mobile app but it keeps telling me my account is not active, secondly can’t also check my account balance via ussd code why

  6. I opened my zenith account last year I got my BVN and ATM card this year Inshort this month I’ve even downloaded the mobile app on my phone but I’ve been trying to register on mobile app but it keeps telling me that my account is not active, and when I used the ussd code it’s say’s I don’t have an account why?

    • Activate Zenith Bank App on Another Device | Register New Device

      Bamidele, we appologise for that inconvience, meanwhile,since you just got your BVN,I think you should just go to any zenith bank branch close to you to have your bvn connected properly to your account. This might be one of the reasons the app is refusing to sign you up.

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