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Do you know that when you do ADB masters scholarship apply online that you will stand the chance of being one of our beneficiaries for the year? For you to apply for this scholarship the requirements are the few expected prerequisites that must be covered. See the application form, application procedures, and requirements from the students.

Students from ADB borrowing member countries are now informed on the effectiveness of ADB scholarship towards each and every one of them. After testing your English proficiency in both oral and written, your result will determine how possible it is for you to get this scholarship. Only applicants with a perfect record of English proficiency using the IELTS test can emerge this scholarship.

However, ADB Scholarship chooses students using different basics. First of all, you must be a student with an unconditional admission offer from ADB participating higher institutions. Also, you must be a student with a completed Bachelors’s program holding your transcript intact with you. More so, each of the students must provide proof of at least 2 years of work experience. With that, you must do ADB masters scholarship apply online.

Who Can Apply?

Before you will be selected, these are the factors that guarantee your selection. Stay with us to get exposed details on how to apply for ADB scholarship for a master’s and then, obtain the scholarship as well. For now, let’s see the characteristics you must possess before you are qualified for application.

  • Students intending for masters program only
  • Must be able to demonstrate worthiness and intelligence through your academic records
  • An applicant must be a student from ADB borrowing member country
  • 2 years of work experience with proof is one of the factors for selecting an applicant
  • English proficiency will also contribute to your selection
  • You must be healthy without any ailment
  • Your age shouldn’t exceed 35 years old

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Age Requirements

Any student applying for a Master’s program shouldn’t exceed 30 years. But ADB gave that grace of more than 5 years making it 35 years for any of the students applying for 2022 scholarship. So, provided that you are in for this scholarship, your age limit is marked as 35 years. Anything other than this age limit should use the exit door because you are prohibited from applying.

Other Requirements

Take note of other requirements from applicants  before you do ADB masters scholarship apply online;

  • Interested applicants must complete the application form with its other documentation and submit them before 19 July
  • You are required to submit your proof of work experience
  • Submit your degree transcript along with other demanded documents
  • Regardless of your marital status, color or gender, you are instructed to apply on time to increase the possibility of getting the scholarship
  • Before application, an individual must have gotten an admission offer from any New Zealand university participating with ADB Scholarship
  • Students that are enrolled in undergraduate programs recently and yet not through with undergraduate studies are not eligible.
  • You must be English proficient with proof from the Valid IELTS test before you are worthy of application.

Other Scholarship Materials

    • Proof of Work Experience of at least 2 years
    • Copy of your admission offer from any of the participating universities offering your postgraduate course
    • Proof of income received during your working season
    • Passport Photograph
    • English Proficiency Test

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ADB Available Courses

Courses are taken only on Development-related courses such as Economic, Science & Technology, International Business etc. Remember that they will be taken at any of the participating universities. Note that ADB scholarship is funded by the Japanese government and all the universities situates in the Asia Pacific Region

ADB Masters Scholarship Apply Online 

On the website, you are made to download the application form. Download it and complete the application form that will be submitted alongside other scholarship documents at the University of Auckland before 19th July.

Within July and September, selections will be made and completed while results will be announced in November 2021 for 2022 academic session. So get it ready and submit it accordingly. We wish you luck! Make it a point of duty to complete ADB masters scholarship apply online as shown in this guide.

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