Application Requirements for University of Warsaw Scholarship

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Application Requirements for University of Warsaw scholarship should be the next and first thing to find out before heading onto the application portal for University of Warsaw scholarship application. It might have not run into your mind but seriously, you need to get the detailed information which is already on this page for you.

University of Warsaw determined since the inception of this Scholarship scheme to nurture students into perfection when it comes to Physics because their Institution has all it takes to carve out perfect Physicist for the World. The scholarship is really a competitive one but students are hugely guaranteed of winning the first runner-up seat when an application is followed as the guideline stated. We share the basics of application requirements for University of Warsaw scholarship

But when an application is not started or completed just as instructed by the Scholarship Committee, it will be less regarded and considered. So, in order to win consideration once an application is submitted, follow the constructed guidelines positioned on this page for International applicants intending for immediate approval and enlistment after application. Moreover, this is a Ph.D. degree certification program.

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Eligible Countries

Is my country qualified for the application? Your country is among the eligible countries listed because there is no restricted country when it comes to University of Warsaw Postgraduate Scholarship in Poland. The top considered criteria for selecting a student is the academic qualification.

Its a merit-based, so your academic qualifications, experiences, and publications will be needed from you as a Ph.D. applicant. When none of these are met or met up with the requirements, automatic disqualification will be offered.

Courses Available

We guarantee certification in no other field other than Physics. We train only Physics practitioners. Students in the

  1. The medical field.
  2. Environmental Studies and Researches,
  3. Engineering and some other courses that dream of studying in Poland with this particular scheme of scholarship should retreat now.

They should retract beforehand because there won’t be accommodation for them. Please obey every instruction mentioned on this page because it is our obligation to do so. Do not be mislead.

Application Requirements for University of Warsaw Scholarship

You will apply for this scholarship now and on this page. Just take your time to grow through the Terms and Conditions which states that:

  • International students are worthy of receiving this scholarship and can, hence apply for the scholarship but it must be only for Physics students. The Institution is the best University for training future professionals in the world of Physics. Although Physics is not the only course offered or recognized by the University when it comes to this scholarship, only the subject can be accessed
  • Your Previous transcripts will all be needed including your CV and other factual supporting documents which will be needed for defending the eligibility of your issuance into the next level which is the Ph.D. level.
  • Other students with an interest in other courses will not apply.
  • Definitely, you will study as a student of the University of Warsaw in Poland but for assured admission into the scholarship, required documents will be submitted to the provided Email address

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Document Submission Instruction

Students will submit their application form at the online portal which the application form was accessed but when it comes to the scholarship supporting documents, they will be submitted via an Email address. If you must know, this is the Email address:

During submission, the Application letter mandated every applicant to write will be written and submitted in a pdf format and an attached scanned signature of the candidate or owner of the letter. Go to and apply.

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