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Apply Bradford university scholarship for master’s students that are upcoming and also ready to start up a new master’s study in any of the approved studies that correspond with your actual study field at the undergraduate level.

You just have to apply to study overseas but must particularly be on one of the listed courses identified in the scholarship. Enroll for our grant with Bradford university Masters scholarship in UK. However, Development Studies, Conflict Resolution, Project Management, International Relations, Peace Studies, and other Sustainable Courses are the assured courses that can be accessed with Bradford University Masters Scholarship in the UK.

Though the University of Bradford has numerous scholarships that intend to graduate or certify International students in which different fields of courses are covered and trained with each of the schemes. Upon that, they haven’t seized from helping ambitious students from reaching their aimed goals. Apply Bradford University Scholarship in the UK which is a scholarship meant for European students and Non-European students.

Being a UK citizen will not halt you from enjoying this quality education program at Masters’s level. Meanwhile, all the subject categories that are categorized under each of the faculties listed on the available courses will be shown to all the candidates during application because you must subscribe to one of the courses to be automatically awarded a scholarship in the Institution.

So, after this plan to study in the UK has been clear;y visioned, below is the description of eligibility criteria, selection criteria, eligible countries, deadline, and application instructions for both International and National Students because both categories of students recognize the same terms and conditions for the application of Peace Studies at Bradford University, UK.

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Who Can Apply?

  • Any student that has completed a Bachelor’s degree can move to the next level of studies which is the Master’s level with this scholarship program.
  • Another eligible criteria is that all the academic records gathered during your Bachelor’s degree program will be needed as part of the documents to be submitted alongside the application form.
  • An entrant having an interest in any of the mentioned course categories and equally covered the intended course of study at their undergraduate level is qualified to apply
  • That same student must be ready to study in the UK as a full-time student or else, no scholarship will be issued
  • Obtaining the scholarship is assured provided that the prospective beneficiary enrolled for a Masters’s course program at Bradford University.

Academic Cycle

The level of study recognized with the 2020 Peace Studies Scholarship at University of Bradford is the Master’s level of study. Beneficiaries must be graduates and will also be ready to be certified with a Postgraduate certificate after the 2 years duration.

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Host University

Bradford University funds for this scholarship and also take care of students that will be funded for. Accommodation, tuition fees, and some other fees will be taken as a responsibility by this prominent University provided that you are enlisted. Winning candidates have a lot to enjoy.

Apply Bradford University Scholarship

Both home students and international students will apply on the same website which is the only available portal for application. When you are ready to apply for the scholarship, start by enrolling for any of our programs related to your undergraduate training at –

Select from the available course programs situated on the page. Await admission signal which will come with a scholarship offer. Receive the offer by approving it.

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