Apply Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship for Africans

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Apply Carnegie Mellon University scholarship for Africans to enjoy a fully free fund that foots bills of all Asian, American, and African students once they are accepted by the participating Australian university. That said, you don’t have to worry about your Masters fee.

Carnegie Mellon University is an Australian academic institution accepting and attracting international students from Asia, America, and Africa specifically. These students are free to apply and win their way into the Masters program, provided that their coursework is acceptable by Carnegie Mellon university. That said, you can apply for only eligible courses.

More so, international applicants are highly demanded to enroll for a Masters program in their fields of study first. When that is accomplished, you are free to apply Carnegie Mellon university scholarship for Africans. However, there are three other countries that their citizens are free to apply for this scholarship. South American and Asian countries are constituencies that are eligible alongside Africans.

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Qualified Countries

Only students from countries emanated from mentioned regions are eligible to apply Carnegie Mellon university scholarship. Aside from the fact that Africans are eligible to apply Carnegie Mellon university scholarship for Africans,

  • South America
  • Asia are also accepted here.

Benefits of Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship

There are arrays of benefits made to be available for all the students that find their way into this opportunity. These students will study abroad, Australia precisely and that alone, will help refresh their academic experiences.

  1. However, they are prone to meeting new friends.
  2. Undergo professional training and embrace new skills that will pay you off throughout your chosen career life.
  3. Still not hiding the fact that all the students selected are intelligent and talented students. So, it’s all about competition.
  4. Belong in a competitive mind and train your competitive spirit.
  5. Be the master of your skill after the program.
  6. No fund is demanded from you. Just win your way into the scheme and every academic cost will be taken care of.
  7. Accommodation is free.
  8. Enjoy full time health insurance.

Have you seen how useful the Carnegie Mellon University scholarship is? It’s time to review and find out the criteria set for determining eligible candidates.

Qualification Criteria for Entrants

After discovering the eligibility criteria, your next aim should be the application deadline. Due to application forms are not submitted after the due date, optimistic and high aiming students are required to submit before the date. However, these are factors that determines an eligible student

  • You must first of all apply and get an offer to study one of the eligible Masters courses at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Meanwhile, only Masters level is attended to.
  • Enjoy an avenue to study for free if you are an international student from any of the mentioned regions.
  • Retain the funding with your grade records at the end of each semester.
  • Students are highly demanded to have good English proficiency test.

When all of these are complete plus the required documents, you are free to apply before the deadline which is already mentioned below.

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Scholarship Application Deadline

After 15th June, 2021, students are no longer advised to apply for the scholarship because the application portal will be closed by then.

Apply Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship for Africans

Download this scholarship form whether you are from Asia, America, or Africa when you visit You will be notified of your approval upon your application. So, you ought to apply first to create awareness.

Aside from that, ensure that you are ready for Masters program in the eligible field of study that is prior to your life career.

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