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For the love of Meteorology, apply Chinese government scholarship for international students. Any candidate that applied for this scholarship and got enlisted has the privilege of studying Meteorology in any study level be it undergraduate or postgraduate. Without being said, the scholarship is for all foreign students that are English competent.

Have you gone through your high school records? Do you think that this scholarship is one of the international scholarship programs that you are qualified for? We asked these questions because we believe the notion that any student that will apply Chinese government scholarship for international students will either be a girl or boy that is academically competent.

You must be intellectually bright and intelligent because this scholarship selects students based on their academic merits. Not financial status this time. You must prove your competent through your records and also make us believe that you are part of the generation that will positively influence the community you cam from.

Without being told, all your academic funds will be funded completely provided that you met with all the prerequisites. In that case, quickly go through the details of the Chinese Government scholarship for international students to study Meteorology. So, students that are not anywhere related to the named eligible subject will gently refrain their mind from the program.

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Where Beneficiaries will Study

The hist institution is still the prominent Chinese universities that are qualified to handle the selected students. Also, these universities are selected institutions that are partnering with the Chinese government in providing a very convenient, knowledgeable, and informative environment for the upcoming Meteorologists and existing Meteorologists.

Level of Study

  • High school graduates are qualified to start fresh and first higher level study in any of their respectively preferred China university that is enlisted to the eligible universities.
  • Additionally, first level graduates can commence same Meteorology in a Masters level with this scholarship scheme.
  • If you must know, Masters holders are quite eligible for the Doctoral certificate pursuit with the Chinese government scholarship for international students.

So, if you confirmed that either of the above mentioned is referring to you, use the tactics below to quietly apply and possess your own seat in the academy.

Field of Study

Field of study eligible in the Chinese government scholarship for international students is no other course if study other than the Meteorology. So, freshmen that anticipates to further the Meteorology study in their higher academics can now accomplish with the CSC program. Then, university graduate will move further and further to last degree level in the history of academics with the Chinese government scholarship.

Qualified Countries

All the students from diverse countries of the world can apply for the Chinese government scholarship because it is for international students only. The Chinese are ineligible to apply for the scholarship. Therefore, international students that confirmed their eligibility can apply for the Chinese government scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria from Foreign Applicants

The whole criteria is more focused on the age requirements. So, you gonna take note of the shown age requirements from international students that will term them eligible;

  • Undergraduate aspirants must be aged below 25 years for their application to be eligible.
  • Any other candidate that is intending to apply for Masters program must be aged below 35 years for the application to be considered.
  • If you must know, Doctoral applicants must be 40 years of age for their application to be considered.
  • Ensure that you are not from China because Chinese students are ineligible for application.
  • More to that, any international student that is with Chinese permanent resident permit is ineligible.

However, it might interest you to know the supporting documents that all applicants must attach to the application form to validate the application.

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Required Supplementary Documents

  1. Current CV.
  2. Passport Photograph
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. Research proposal ( for postgraduates ) or study plan ( for undergraduates ).
  5. Unconditional admission letter from any Chinese university.
  6. Copy of HSK certificate.

When these are ready, proceed to the apply button with the help of the application procedure shown below.

Apply Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students

This is how to apply for the Chinese government scholarship for international students without much ado. Once you meet up with the recommended, go to But ensure that you have enrolled for the Meteorology and obtain an unconditional admission letter from your preferred university.

Once you are on the scholarship application portal, proceed to the Apply button and click. Choose the China university that you would love to study which must be the university that got you admitted. From there, attach the required documents and get your scholarship submitted.

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