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Apply Connaught international scholarship for new students is a Canadian scholarship for foreign students only. A Canadian resident or a Canadian that intends to apply for this scholarship should deviate totally because they are among the ineligible categories. The focus has been on how to confirm if you are eligible.

Fully funded international Connaught scholarship for new students is an international scholarship scheme specially designed for Ph.D. programs only. Provide all your Ph.D competent research projects and documents demanded by the scholarship grantees so as to be able to show the worthiness of the scholarship application.

Moreover, it might interest you to know that your English proficiency test is among the prioritized documents to demonstrate during the application of the scholarship.

On the other hand, any scholarship subject you are intending to apply to must be blended with the subject you studied in your previous degree which is the Master’s degree. Meanwhile, it will help enough if you browse University of Toronto first in order to confirm the availability of your subject in the institution.

That said, University of Toronto is the sole institution responsible for undertaking international students below 40 years of age. More to that, ensure that you follow the shown application procedure to apply for Connaught international scholarship for new students. Moreover, below are a thorough overview of the scholarship details.

On this very page, you will discover the scholarship requirements from international applicants, the level of study that can be accessed, available subjects, and yes, the scholarship deadline. Keep reading as we keep unveiling all you need to know. We feel obliged to show you how to go about Connaught international Ph.D. scholarship application.

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Qualified Subjects

As we all know, other levels of study are not accessible with this scholarship scheme. Only doctoral degree qualification will be certified to intenders. So, ensure that this level of study is your next study level and you are also qualified for the cycle. Check the criteria prior to the scholarship below.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Fully funded Connaught international scholarship drives students into University of Toronto so that they will pursue a doctoral degree training in their various respective courses. Selected candidates will start their studies in September after thorough screening.

So, in order to deviate from delay, it will be utterly needful for you to discover the scholarship deadline. So, interested applicants should note that the application portal seizes to receive applications after April each year.

Eligibility Criteria

Hello! Do you know the scholarship criteria set by the Canadian government for foreign applicants of this scholarship? This part will interest you most because if you are not qualified, you cannot pursue this scheme. Therefore;

  • Ensure that you are not a Canadian before applying for this scholarship.
  • More to that, your study focus must be towards doctoral degree only.
  • All international students must be of good conduct so as to be awarded.
  • However, a standard English proficiency test will not be taken for granted. This is to attest to your English competency.
  • You can only choose from available Ph.D. subjects in the university. If your course is not among the selected or available courses attainable by beneficiaries of this scholarship, it will do you a lot of good to deviate from the application entirely.
  • As a matter of fact, the application is done online so you must apply alongside the application documents for free.
  • In addition to that, your previous academic transcripts will do you a lot of good because they will serve as evidence of your qualification.

So, as you have studied attributes and requirements that must be met by each and every claimant of this scholarship program, see how to apply Connaught International scholarship for new students finally with the illustrations below.

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Apply Connaught International Scholarship for New Students

The only set of international students that are qualified to learn professional skills and advance their network for proper work experience in their career field are ones that can access subjects made available in the institution.

So, after taking a closer look at available disciplines at the University of Toronto, move straight to to apply for the scholarship program online. Please, apply once. Do not exceed once because multiple application attracts disqualification of other submitted applications. That’s the rule.

So, if you wish to ask questions as regards the scholarship program, use the comment box below to make it known to us.

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