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Apply Facebook AI program to receive enhancement on what you have passion for. Learn more about Artificial Intelligence when you learn all the basics for applying for the internship program funded by a giant social media company, Facebook.An internship program in the Artificial Intelligence field is already at the verge of kick off but students that will further the coursework are being selected at the moment. That is why this idea is shared with you so that if you are into a study program related to AI, you can proceed to an Internship program that is situated with the intent of cultivating enhanced programmers.

Meanwhile, it might interest you to discover all that is required from you as an aspirant. To be an intern here, you should be a PhD student in any of these subjects: computer vision, audio, and speech processing, computational statistics, natural language processing, applied mathematics, reinforcement learning, and machine learning.

On the other hand, intelligent and capable undergraduate and Masters students may be selected but that is if these students show high demonstration of intelligence in these areas mentioned above. So, in order to be selected as one of the interns for the next learning session, simply use the basic methods here to apply Facebook AI program online.

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Eligible Related AI Fields

These areas of concentration are range of areas that applicants or aspirants ought to have passion for in order to be eligible. More so, your degree program must be prior to any of them before you can proceed with this Internship program.

  • Natural language processing.
  • Reinforcement learning.
  • Computational statistics.
  • Computer vision, speech, and audio processing.
  • Machine learning
  • Applied Mathematics.

Only these area of study can win an applicant into the program. Your whole study must be in one of them. Nevertheless, most candidates are students receiving PhD program in any of the fields. Other levels of study may be considered but they have less chances.

Qualification Criteria

High criteria are set for candidates and entrants of this Facebook AI program. To apply for Facebook Artificial Intelligence Internship program, here are things that you must have in your possession;

  • You must be in the process of receiving or has received a PhD degree in computer science or AI related fields.
  • You must be able to research and advance your knowledge on science and technology of intelligent machines.
  • More to that, entrant must obtain a work authorization and also capable to maintain the work authorization in order to last in the employment.
  • Most importantly, the applicant must have experience in computer and data science, computer vision, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and applied mathematics.
  • Not forgetting that you are also qualified if you are a candidate that will be able to manipulate and organize complex and high dimensionality data.
  • Can you use theoretical research to solve problems? You are also welcome here.
  • Feel free to apply Facebook AI program if you can translate complex research into a crystal clear language.

If you can perform a chance that contributes to the learning of machine languages and data, plus all the requirements mentioned above, we have made path clear for you to apply.

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Apply Facebook AI Program | Artificial Intelligence Internship Program

Become a recognized intern with this application. As a matter of fact, the application will be needing your personal details and more about your education in order to confirm your qualifications. So, visit Here, to fill the form with your prompted details.

Additionally, your CV will be needed. It is expected to be uploaded as a docx or PDF but not to exceed the size of 5mb. Attach the resume to the page after making your personal details entry, proceed to the next page for completion of this application.

Unveil your application challenges in the comment box below and we will help you solve all the problems.

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