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Freshmen from different countries can apply for LUSTRA scholarship for foreign students due to the money award disbursed among students. However, students applying from diverse countries must go for a recognized study program by the university.

LUSTRA scholarship is a program created for international students that are ready to start an academic pursuit that concentrates on either undergraduate or Masters. These students will be offered need-based financial aid until they are through with their studies in Netherlands. Meanwhile, applying for the scholarship will make you eligible for all the support administered by volunteers.

Interestingly, entrants that won their way into the beneficiary list will study at Leiden university in Netherlands. So, students intending to apply for LUSTRA scholarship for foreign students must have interest to study at Leiden university and for a subject recognizable by Leiden University. At this point, it will be of help for a candidate to check availability of dream course in the university.

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Eligible Subjects

Coursework eligible for accessibility by students that are interested in this scholarship must be all the undergraduate and postgraduate subjects recognized by Leiden university. Meanwhile, postgraduates will enroll for a study program recognized in their undergraduate levels if not, their applications will not be considered.

Level of Study

Eligible levels of study are Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Applicants must be applying for either of them provided that they are qualified. Prior to that, students applying for Masters level of study must provide their undergraduate degree. On the other hand, undergraduates will present their high school diploma as evidence of being qualified for the next level.

Qualification Criteria

Embrace the qualification criteria that makes you eligible for this opportunity created for foreign students. Candidates from diverse community, field of study, with different skin colors, and age range of respective level of study can apply for LUSTRA scholarship for foreign students. These eligibility criteria are underlisted;

  • You must be an international student that has a government issued ID.
  • Undergraduate aspirants applying for this scholarship must provide their high school diploma.
  • Do you know that postgraduates are required to provide their Bachelor’s degree certificate? It is the least proof to provide as a student that is qualified to enjoy this award.
  • On the other hand, satisfactory GPA result must be presented so as to validate your LUSTRA scholarship application.
  • You must be physically fit and also an English outspoken student before you are qualified for LUSTRA scholarship. That said, English proficiency test will be submitted alongside the scholarship’s application form.
  • More to that, age range of 18 – 25 is only eligible for undergraduates whilst, postgraduates won’t exceed the age range of 30 years.

We have come to the point where you will subject yourself to the methods recognized while applying for LUSTRA scholarship.

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Apply for LUSTRA Scholarship for Foreign Students

Provided that your country is not among the list of eligible Erasmus mundus eligible countries, you can go ahead with your application. You will enjoy monthly fund of €650 throughout your stay as a postgraduate participant or undergraduate participant. Besides, the first stage of the application is requesting for abroad study permission at

If your request was approved, send the proof to after which the application page will be revealed to you in your email through the link sent by the management. From there, you can fill the form and complete other requirements by LUSTRA scholarship. Do it now and study at Leiden university in Netherlands.

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