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Flemish Higher Education funds the Mastermind scholarship which is taken at Ghent University, Belgium. Fair enough, the Mastermind Scholarship undergone by International Students at Ghent University is only for Masters program. So, if you are eligible for Masters Study, apprehend all the procedures addressed to prospects intending to Apply for Mastermind Scholarship for International Students.

International students intending for a Masters program and thy are so sure that their Masters program can never be attained without a support are hereby given an invite to come over Belgium through a fully funded scholarship organized and funded by Flemish Higher Education. This time, International students will be taken in and nurtured at Ghent University.

Hopefully, this is an English taught program making it mandatory for every applicant to become conversant with English before an application is proceeded. However, Belgium citizens and current students of Ghent University are not permitted into the application portal for an application. You must also agree to partake only eligible courses recognized in the university. That said, you must confirm eligible courses of the university in order to ensure the availability of your specialization.

So, as you have decided to undertake a free program in Ghent University just for 2 years, learn how to Apply for Mastermind Scholarship for International Students before its too late. Start from comprehending all the application requirements, application criteria and eligibility mandates. Interestingly, if you are not presently admitted into the university, heed to all these instructions strictly.

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Application Requirements

Every organized program has a positioned requirement for its prospects or applicants. Application requirements includes;

  • Taking note of all the required application documents and deadline.
  • Also, you are prompted to know all the application procedure
  • More so, be able to locate the application form in order to apply on time
  •  Then, ensure that all contact address inputted are accessible so that you can be easily notified.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Annually, March 1st is the real date for application closure. So, if you are really into applying for Mastermind Scholarship which is being funded by Flemish Higher Education situated in Belgium, ensure that all the application supplementary documents are gathered, set ready and applied alongside the application form before the deadline.

Level of Study

International Students are made to understand that only graduates are eligible to pursue this Research program. Basically, its a Masters program and all the proceeding applicants must come along with previous result transcripts. In as much as you are craving to become admitted into this Institution, you must heed to all instructions in which the aforementioned is one among them.

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Requirements from Applicants

  • As an applicant, your interested course of study must be one of the recognized courses in Ghent University
  • Submit application form with all the required documents completed
  • Only International students can apply
  • Your English proficiency is also needed because students will undergo an English taught program
  • This is an online application that demands all students to locate the application form online.
  • In order words, none of the applications will be considered if submitted later than the due date, March 1.
  • More so, outside applicants has only the tendency of being admitted. That is to say, if you are currently admitted to the University, you won’t be practically considered.

Apply for Mastermind Scholarship for International Students

Hey dear, you are practically on this page just for the motive of this section which is knowing how to Apply for Mastermind Scholarship for International Students. Well, as you have prepared your mind for that, we felt so obliged to unveil the application link for Mastermind scholarship application form download.

If you have really decided to apply for this year’s Flemish Scholarship for International Students at Ghent University, log onto

The application form is located there. Login to apply if you logged in during application season, if not, the application portal will be closed causing you to apply at the rightful time. But in case you need notification on the rightful period for application, drop your details on the comment box below so that you could be reached.


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