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You do no need a travel visa to visit New Zealand if you are a resident of New Zealand or an Australian citizen, however, you can apply for New Zealand visa if you are vying to migrate into New Zealand from other foreign countries.

Depending on the reason of your travel, we can issue you a visa to suit your travel need, Visit New Zealand for up to 9 months, come for a holiday, sightseeing or for schooling and enjoy substantial benefits on your coming. We are currently running a promo on New Zealand visa application guide, this will help you know how to apply for New Zealand visa and other travel documents that you need.

Types of New Zealand Visa

  • Work Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Join Family and
  • Study Visa.

You can Enter New Zealand without a Visa if you are

  • A citizen of New Zealand.
  • A UK citizen and who has a valid means of identification.
  • A citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand.

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How to Apply for New Zealand Visa Online

Applying for a visa to New Zealand is very easy and cheap, moreover, we enjoy welcoming visitors to New Zealand. This is to ensure you our visitor have an experience to remember, however, make sure you’ve done your homework and have everything sorted before you leave.

  • Identify the kind of visa you want, therefore choose from the category above.
  • There are sub menus to whichever visa type you want, also choose the one that best describes you.
  • Fill the form accurately based on instructions given and submit immediately you are done.

New Zealand Visa Application Form PDF.

  • Click here to download the New Zealand visa application form.
  • Click here to find out more about visa application for some other countries




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