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African students that apply Google Africa Developer scholarship will win the opportunity of being one of the certified Google developers. Google is a giant company with arrays of professionals. Learning from Google directly is a great privilege that you wouldn’t afford to miss.

Do you have passion for software developing but haven’t received corresponding training? Google decided before time to train interested African students in their different track of the field. It must be based on software developing. However, mobile learners, that is, online learners will not be certified, but others will be. Meanwhile, same attention and training is passed on to all the students.

All the candidates will be given free access to best knowledge on software developing. After the program, you may be enlisted as one of the candidates that will receive Google certification grant to take Google’s Associate Developer certification exams or Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams. So, in order to prove you’re qualified for the program and ready to dedicate your time, learn how to apply Google Africa Developer scholarship.

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Qualification Criteria

You should know students that are qualified to apply for this scholarship because it is only applications from qualified students will be considered. Therefore, check out all the qualities that makes you eligible.

  • The most important part is that you must be an African student above the age of 18 or at least 18 years old.
  • On the other hand, you must have the zeal to develop a skill that will make you appear incredible in the career journey.
  • More so, only a candidate that is ready to render impactful projects for his community just with the idea learned from Google will qualify to apply Google Africa Developer scholarship.
  • In addition to that, the opportunity is available for both male and female.
  • Also, you will be able to identify a track that you’re going to discover before you become considered and also eligible.

In that case, take note of all the expositions that applicants must be aware of before applying.

The Eligible Discipline

Students are made to understand that only Software Developing is recognized here. The Google Africa Developer program is only for aspirants that are aiming to become certified Software developers. All the students that wish to be certified must show high interest and concentration in the program so that they will be eligible for the certification test.

Scholarship Application Deadline

Become a professional developer when you apply for this program and become one of the enlisted participants. Currently, the application due date is not yet announced. You are totally free to proceed with the application but here are the things you must be aware of;

  • Discover the track you want to concentrate on and register for the chosen track.
  • Then, get your mind ready to participate in Andela challenges and schedules.
  • On top of that, ensure that when you move into a phase, complete all the requirements from the beginning to the end so that you will become eligible for the next phase.
  • Google Africa Developer program is ready to advance you once you demonstrate high interest. Finish the program and win yourself a job opportunity after the program.

As a matter of fact, candidates that meet up with aforementioned prerequisites will find themselves lucky after the completion of the scheme because the skills learned here will pay off for the rest of your life.

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Apply Google Africa Developer 

Become skillful when it comes to anything concerning Software developing. How to apply for the program and get consideration after the application is that you must visit here to complete the survey. Fill the form with your names, email address, age, gender, mobile phone number, country, highest level of education, and your city. You can also indicate if you have participated in this program before.

Go to the Next page and complete your survey. Provide the needed documents ( If there is any ), and submit your application. This is how to apply.

Do you have any question based on how to apply Google Africa Developer scholarship? Use the comment box below to share it with us.

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