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Apply Kozminski international scholarship for foreign students to enjoy international awards created by Kozminski University. Kozminski is a prestigious and active university in Poland. The core subject accessible with the scholarship is English. So, this scheme is dedicated to students that wants to study English.

Kozminski scholarship is not only for foreign students but also for other international students that are interested in studying English at a university away from home. You will take that live program in Poland and Kozminski university is the higher institution responsible for undertaking students that will understudy the English program. That said, all enlisted students must show high level of English competence through their test.

In that case, all applicants including you, will undergo English proficiency test so as to demonstrate their level of English competence and also to identify their eligibility in applying this Kozminski scholarship. When this language requirement is met by students, the next thing is to ensure that all the academic qualifications are laid towards receiving of Master’s certificate since that’s the only cycle that is accessible by claimants.

Therefore, apply Kozminski international scholarship for foreign students so as to take part in the Master’s level certification in the field of English. Enjoy the new environment and atmosphere once you are selected among qualified beneficiaries. Also, if you must know, all genders are hereby called on to leverage this God-given opportunity because no gender is restricted.

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Host Institution:

The place of study for international students is no other place than the Kozminski university. However, Kozminski is located in Poland so all the beneficiaries will take their program in that great city. They will take no other level program other than the Master’s level. So, you are free to take part in the study if your field of study is English.

Field of Study

You are not restricted from applying this scholarship if your field of study is English. The only criterion for restricting student is when the candidate didn’t take same English course in their undergraduate stage.

Academic Cycle

When you apply Kozminski international scholarship for foreign students, the only cycle you are eligible to pursue is the Master’s level. If your aspiring level of study is not same as the mentioned, you are ineligible. More to that, all the requirements mentioned must be met.

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Requirements from International Applicants

There are few requirements that you must take note of and before an application is completed by interested individual applicants, they must agree to study as full time students in Poland. On the contrary, under mentioned are all the requirements applicants must meet up with;

  • You mustn’t be an African before you become eligible to apply the scholarship. Being an international student alone, is enough to make you eligible for the scholarship.
  • More so, international applicants are highly mandated to apply this scholarship only once. When the scholarship exceed mentioned number of scholarships to apply at a time, your scholarship will suffer automatic eviction.
  • Moreover, only students that has interest in English and partook the study in their undergraduate level can start it in their postgraduate program.
  • Above all, your high school diploma is among the requirements needed mostly to validate your application.
  • Do you know that your English proficiency test is needed as well? You don’t know. That’s why you must take part in the IELTS, TOEFL or FCE test to provide a legalized English test that will demonstrate, and also prove your competence in English language.

So, above illustrations has shown you demands from international students that would love to take part in this program.

Apply Kozminski International Scholarship for Foreign Students

If you are not from Africa, please don’t stop from applying this scholarship. Not only Africans are eligible to apply the scholarship. Other countries are also eligible apart from Poland citizens. In that case, log onto

This page will unveil the application form to you. Take the opportunity to apply for your Masters level of study in English field. We wish you luck all the way. But have in mind that this is a partial funding program. You will have a little supportive fund for your academics.

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