August 11, 2022
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Apply Murdoch University Scholarship | Scholarship in Australia

Apply Murdoch university scholarship to stand a chance of studying in Australia. This scholarship scheme is open for both Masters ( 2 years ) and Doctoral ( 3 years ) aspirants. You can apply now to possess a ground-breaking studies in your field of study.

Murdoch university scholarship application is an award program that supports international students that are financial unstable. It will see you through a Masters or Doctoral degree program provided that you are ready to succumb to the scholarship prerequisites. It is highly demanded that every applicant must be conversant with English language.

Interestingly, your proficiency test must be minimum of 6.0 when you go for IELTS. International students and Australians are free to apply Murdoch university scholarship. So, check your level of study to ensure that it fell under a Masters or Doctoral degree studies.

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Available Coursework

Courses that are only available for international students and Australians to access here are courses recognized at Murdoch university. For a Masters or Doctoral degree program, you must apply for a coursework prior to your previous degree programs. Meanwhile, there are requirements to meet up with if you really wanna be eligible.

Scholarship Requirements Set for International Students

For you to be eligible to apply Murdoch university scholarship scheme, there are eligible criteria set for applicants. Review and ensure that you possesses all these requirements just as mentioned on this section.

  • Only students with first class honors degree or its equivalent can apply because it is the minimum requirement desirable to this scholarship evaluation.
  • Remember to get set all the academic transcripts and certificates that you have completed.
  • A minimum of 6.0 score in IELTS is needed.
  • On the contrary, students that checked their English proficiency with TOEFL is free to submit a result with minimum score of 90. Anything lesser than this is not desirable.
  • You will enjoy AUD27,082 annually until your duration elapses.
  • Undergraduates are ineligible.
  • You must have an interest in studying abroad when you are living outside Australia.

As you have set your eyes on requirements that every student must meet up with, here are application materials that must be submitted alongside the application form.

All Supporting Documents

Apply this fully funded scholarship scheme funded by Murdoch university if you want to study in Australia for free;

  1. English proficiency certificate ( IELTS / TOEFL ).
  2. Digital passport photograph.
  3. Government issued ID.
  4. Academic transcripts
  5. Previous degree certificate. Minimum of Bachelor’s degree for Masters while Doctoral applicants will provide minimum of Masters degree.
  6. Completely filled application form.

What of the scholarship deadline? Do you know the scholarship due date? It is necessary for you to know the scholarship due date so that you won’t apply after due date. The truth of the matter is that when you apply after the due date, your application will not be considered.

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Place of Study

Take your chances now to study in Australia. Murdoch university will take you in and take you as a responsibility provided that you went through the selection criteria. Be a beneficiary today and get an award that will pay you off for the rest of your life.

Apply Murdoch University Scholarship

Smoothly visit to review prerequisites for study at Murdoch university. Then, pick your own coursework and apply. Go for a course that you took during your past degree program. Enroll for an unconditional course program at the university and win the consideration of being funded for.

Meanwhile, check your eligibility before applying for the scholarship. If there are problems you would love to discuss with us, use the comment box below to indicate.

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