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Pauline Aviges was once a beneficiary at London School of Economics and Political Science. Now, she’s a benefactor of World Best funded scholarship in UK. Don’t you wanna share this kinda value among young leaders? Demonstrate your worthiness of being selected as our next beneficiaries when you apply Pauline Graham Scholarship.

Pauline Aviges Graham graduated from LSE and decided to grant same opportunity given, to other worthy and qualified Women of Africa living in UK, Iran, Iraq, or Africa. They will be offered a grant as a support for their undergraduate studies but this training will take place in UK and at London School of Economics and Political Science.

Moreover, applicants must be students with same value of demonstrable attitude worthy of emulation because they stand as a mirror to other upcoming young leaders. So, intending to apply Pauline graham scholarship becomes a lucrative idea when your ideal study level is the undergraduate level because only Bachelor’s qualification are certified.

But before a student will be selected, there are some pre-screening exercise that will be undergone. Most importantly, only women are recommended and encouraged to apply for an enlightenment program. It might also interest you to know that this scholarship scheme will take place at London School of Economics and Political Science. So, its time to obtain a non-retractable scholarship offer from a prominent benefactor.

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Number of 2020 Awards

It is true that the number of awards for 2020 was not specified but students has maximum opportunity of gaining this scholarship due to an innovative figure behind the value of award given. Pauline Aviges Graham experienced hardship and knows the outcome of being a helpless student. So, enough chances are given to ambitious students that applied for the scholarship

Pauline Graham Scholarship Grant

The value of grant entitled to all recipients or prospective recipients for proceeding an undergraduate training is 15,000 euros per semester till successful completion of the program. But being on this trail, you must agree to maintain good or average scores in the respective fields. Poor results suffers the penalty of automatic eviction.

Place of Study

Where has been your dream study area? Do you know that UK is a great land full of tourist nature and domiciled by amazing people. Your academic quest will be quenched and sustained when you attend a learning program at any of our state-recognized universities

For this scholarship program, students will start and complete their scheme at LSE. These Africans mustn’t be residing in Africa during application but we need evidence of being a national of this region.

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Requirements from Students

Applicants should take note of these. When 85% of the requirements placed by grantees are met, 95% chance of getting a scholarship is already assured. That said, ensure that your eligibility is truthfully affirmed

  • Women; not just women but African women are highly encouraged to apply for Pauline Graham scholarship
  • Its a scholarship with an application deadline – April 26th. You are mandated to apply before the deadline
  • African women living in Africa are not restricted from applying
  • You can also apply even if you domiciled in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq or UK but still a full citizen of Africa
  • Our scholarship grant is dedicated to Undergraduates only
  • That is to say, only Bachelor’s Degree will be offered to recipients of this scholarship.

Demand from Applicants

The qualification criteria has been touched but there are some specified requests from applicants. Do you really wanna be one of our Beneficiaries or solicit alumni of this scholarship? There are some accrue demands from you.

  1. Would you agree to behave just like your benefactor because the aimed value of this scholarship is to spread love to other non-loved
  2. Agree to demonstrate a character worthy of emulation
  3. Share same quality of life given in LSE
  4. Our alumni are vowed to express a genuine attitude, equity, and fight for justice; not to ruin the institution’s image or name

Apply Pauline Graham Scholarship

Pauline Graham Scholarship application 2020 is mostly expressed no later than April against September session but its an online application that demands an attachable document. Prior to that, all the documents demanded will be attached to the application portal when the application form is about to be submitted.

To kickstart your free education in UK with Pauline Graham Scholarship opportunities, apply your scholarship at


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