August 13, 2022
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Apply Principal Scholarship for Masters Students

Apply Principal scholarship for masters students to curb having financial limitations as your cause for not furthering your education. So, embrace this new opportunity devoted to international students seeking academic financial help.

Principal masters scholarship at Royal Holloway University is the only trending scholarship that is moving international students into London without pressure. You are free to apply and get consideration if you meet up with the scholarship prerequisites. So, this page will duly show you how to apply Principal scholarship for masters students.

However, before we proceed with the scholarship application, it might interest you to know all the requirements that students must meet up. In that case, scroll down a bit to have an idea of each of them. Royal Holloway University is among the top 10 best universities in London and also the best when it comes to Researching. It is more research-based.

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Qualification Criteria for Students

Before commencing an application for this ongoing Principal scholarship for masters students, you should know all the requirements addressed to international students intending to be applicants.

  • Ensure that you are an international student that has a government-issued ID
  • A copy of your passport will be needed. It must be a current digital passport.
  • Hope you are ready to enjoy the 4,000 euro that will be given to you? Then, you must be ready to maintain satisfactory academic records during your masters.
  • Application is done online and every applicant must go through the application majors.
  • Being a student with outspoken characteristics is also one of the attributes that won’t be taken for granted.
  • Also, copies of academic transcripts and previous awards will be submitted.

Others will be disclosed as we proceed. Above all, note that the subject to apply for must correspond with the ones you took during your previous degrees. However, ensure that the addressed course is recognized under this scholarship.

Level of Study

Only masters level of study is the considerable degree certified. If you have not reached this level or has received this degree once in your lifetime, do not attempt the application. Moreover, students that are currently into a recognizable award are ineligible.

Language Requirements

Students that are ready to proceed to the next level with this scholarship should ensure that they covered these requirements mentioned above and also take note that their English fluency will be needed here, no other language. So, get ready to provide your English proficiency test.

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Benefits of the Scholarship

Principal scholarship for masters students is a fully funded scholarship that offers 4,000 euro individually to selected students and also;

  • Offer them a monthly stipend.
  • House for the period of time they are going to stay.
  • Be health insured.
  • Enjoy cruising London with their T-Fare and also an extra T-fare for moving in and out of London.
  • Above all, living cost is also one of the awards available here. So, stay put and enjoy this life-giving opportunity.

Apply Principal Scholarship for Masters Students

Apply this scholarship at the time given for interested international applicants. Ensure that you met all the requirements and then, move to the scholarship website to apply accordingly. Above all, applications are not accepted after the due date. Check your undergraduate degree to ensure that you graduated with at least second-upper. This is the least acceptable degree status.

So, are you ready? Visit and apply for free.

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