August 11, 2022
Apply Recanati-Kaplan Scholarship for Foreign Students image

Apply Recanati-Kaplan Scholarship for Foreign Students

Early conservationists should apply Recanati-Kaplan scholarship for foreign students to enjoy full time course in wildlife conservation practice at University of Oxford for eight full months. The first month is a distance learning while the remaining months requires that participants will move to University of Oxford.

Recanati-Kaplan foundation scholarship application is a zero-money application targeted at improving the life of early conservationists and graduates with qualified experiences in the related field. The program is for all the students that have passion for this field of course – Wildlife Conservation. The practice will start from February 2022 till September 2022.

Take the application procedure into action to discover the global survey, dimensions, and analysis used generally in the study of terrestrial animals. You must be an early career conservationist working with the NGOs or any government agencies. Another version of students that are qualified for the program is a currently graduates student with enough eligible experience in developing countries.

These field experiences will help them to develop skills and potentials for exhibiting good career behavior in studying wildlife. Are you from a developing constituency? Enjoy the comprehensive guide that will help you apply Recanati-Kaplan scholarship for foreign students, find out the requirements from applicants, the award value, and selection criteria.

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Who Can Apply?

You must have been searching crook and cranny for quality of students that can apply this program, all they must have in stock, and also the documents required for application. Well, we have finally found answers to your questions. To be eligible;

  • Developing country should be your nation and domicile.
  • Have passion for Wildlife conservation.
  • Have worked with government agencies or NGOs.
  • If you haven’t worked with them, you should at least, be a currently graduated student with quality field experience.
  • Also, the award is for a postgraduate diploma in Wildlife Conservation practice. Hope that is what you are looking for? Get ready to enroll as a full time student.
  • More so, you must have completed your Bachelor’s degree before proceeding with the application.

You have seen factors that makes you eligible for the program? If you are eligible, look at the benefits reserved for you.

Award Value

International students that applied for this program and got enlisted will enjoy the full time bursaries that have taken time to cover all these costs for you’

  1. First is your visa or travel expenses to and from UK.
  2. Course fees of a seven months program plus one month distance learning that made it 8 months.
  3. Living costs will be provided for you in UK until your program is finished.
  4. You have the accommodation fees covered.

Therefore, postgraduate students in Wildlife Conservation should apply Recanati-Kaplan scholarship for foreign students for free.

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Apply Recanati-Kaplan Scholarship for Foreign Students

The application is closed already. The deadline was 17th June, 2021. Most aspirants applied while others missed out. As you wouldn’t afford to miss this awesome offer again, simply keep in touch with our newsletters at or make it simple and easy for you by dropping your phone number or email address instead, into the comment box below.

All the interested applicants that provided the page with their contact address will be notified individually immediately the scholarship award restarts. Remember that it is a great opportunity to travel abroad, travel to US and study for free.

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