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Apply Sato Yo scholarship for international students so as to be included among young talented students that are worthy to be considered for a free fresh scholarship abroad. To apply for this scholarship scheme to become awarded to you, ensure that these skills are duly recognized.

Sato Yo is a Japanese scholarship owned and facilitated by Nagaski university. Feel free to apply for the scholarship award if you are intending for either an undergraduate or postgraduate level of study. So, if you are intending to apply for your next level of study which must be prior to either postgraduate or undergraduate level of study, then consider that will help you to avail this opportunity.

Interestingly, this scholarship will take place at Nagaski university. That said, any student intending to attain any degree under this scholarship must be have interest to study at Nagaski university. So, we call all the eligible students and students that dream of picking up a field of study at Nagaski university to rush now to download this exposed form tat will help them apply Sato Yo scholarship for international students.

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Place of Study

Like we mentioned earlier, this scholarship is for international students that are ready to attain a Bachelor’s degree or Masters degree with a recognizable and rewarding scheme in anywhere around the world. Since that has been your dream, we feel obliged leading you through the ways of applying for it.

So, apply now, get the application approved, and then find yourself at Nagaski university in Japan. Never mind how you will study in Japan. Just apply for the scholarship accordingly first with this scholarship scheme using the procedures shown here.

Recognized Level of Study

Undergraduate and Postgraduate aspirants are eligible candidates. Either of the two must be your aspiration. More so, for you to apply for the next level which is your current aspiration, previous academic certifications must be proved via the transcript you submit during the application.

However, proceed with the application which is already taught here. The illustration will guide you through this online application which we intend to commence now.

Qualification Criteria from International Students

Hey! Meet all the prerequisites set and positioned for international students that aspire for a free study at Nagaski university through this Sato Yo scholarship. Moreover, you are free to access any field of study provided that is prior to eligible courses under Sato Yo scholarship.

  • Before you are considered as an applicant, your course level of study must be within the range of undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • More so, you must be ready to offer satisfactory records at end of each semester so that the 120,000 yen and 180,000 yen disbursed among undergraduate students and postgraduate students will reach you.

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  • However, although application is accepted online, you are not allowed to apply more than once.
  • For freshers, high school diploma won’t be taken for granted.
  • All countries are eligible to proceed with the application. So, students from any side of the world must present their government issued ID that will prove their identity and nationality.
  • Most importantly, apply for the scholarship freely after you are unconditionally enrolled to a course program at the university.

We will stop here today. If we keep mentioning, we won’t go today. Therefore, apply Sato Yo scholarship for international students now while additional requirements will be revealed to you during application.

Apply Sato Yo Scholarship for International Students

Apply Sato Yo scholarship for international students so that you will enjoy a fully funded scholarship attributed to eligible students that later applied for the scholarship. As it is now, you will commence an application freely when you go to

When you have finally applied it accordingly, an approval letter will be sent to the contact address you unveiled to us. Provided that you are selected as an eligible student, you are good to go.

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