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Are you from Zimbabwe? Apply masters scholarships for Zimbabwean students so as to unlock the privilege of studying abroad without paying for school fees and in most occasions, without paying for your student visa and flight tickets.

There are many international scholarships that Zimbabwean students can apply for. These scholarships are there for them to apply after attesting to their eligibility. However, it is required that you must be English proficiency since it is a scholarship organized by internationally. Without good English skills, you cannot apply.

Meanwhile, it is expected that a graduate should be compatible with English language. Amongst all, your previous academic transcripts will be available and ready to be scanned alongside the application form so as to validate your application. On the other hand, you ought to be a Zimbabwean that has completed an undergraduate degree in a very prestigious and recognized university.

Notwithstanding, before you apply masters scholarship for Zimbabwean students, it is expected that you will receive a study offer from any of the scholarship participating universities in a course field that is approved by the scholarship. Above all, your age shouldn’t exceed 35 years. Still not forgetting the fact that you will have a strong zeal to come back to Zimbabwe and stay at least 2 years.

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Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

You are eligible to apply when you consider all these structured scholarship requirements and meet up with the files bestowed on the side of aspirants or candidates.

  1. Applicants are expected to go back to their countries and positively improve their environment with the learning and degree achieved.
  2. On the other hand, masters scholarship is eligible for candidates that have completed their undergraduate degree in any of the prominent Zimbabwe universities.
  3. Moreover, students that are above 35 years of age are ineligible.
  4. As a rule, proof of completed Bachelor’s level will be portrayed regardless.
  5. Only courses within the range of approved courses can be enrolled.
  6. Do you know that medical checkup are indulged by applicants so as to prove their medical abilities? You should also get ready for that.

At this point in time, this is where we will halt so that we can move to other details of the Masters Scholarship provided for Zimbabwean students, masters aspirants precisely.

Participating Universities

Only academic Institutions that are affiliating with the scholarship can undertake masters candidates applying for the scholarship program. That said, you should check list of universities first in order to ensure that your course of work will be available.

Scholarship Deadline

For every scholarship, there is a deadline attached to it and it is expected that all applicants must apply before due date. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered or noticed.

Available Courses

Only masters subjects approved by the universities are eligible to be applied for by candidates. Nevertheless, if you are still interested in applying for masters scholarship for students in Zimbabwe.

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Apply Masters Scholarship for Zimbabwean Students

Do you know that interested Zimbabwean students should apply for masters online? After checking the application portal and reviewing the platform, head onto the Apply button. Fill the form with application details and submit.

As it stands now, students are not allowed to apply because the application page is currently closed. That said, international students will remain still until the rules change. So, if you are interested in studying abroad as a Zimbabwean student and you are with a degree certificate, simply indicate in the comment box below.

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