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Apply UAL masters scholarship now to enjoy special grant designed for special students. If you are ready to undergo your masters, then proceed with the application as shown below. Meanwhile, do you know the requirements behind all the application acceptance of the initial applicants of this scholarship?

They heed to all the requirements dedicated to candidates of this scholarship. If you really want to become this scholarship recipient, do you know what you have to do? You will adhere to the rules and regulations guiding this scholarship. But before we go further, we wish to inform you that your place of study is no other place than London, Uk.

Worthy selected applicants that met up with the prerequisites will study in the University of the Arts London for a Masters Degree program. However, this is an English-taught program, and every one of the students intending to demonstrate an interest in this scholarship must provide an English proficiency proof.

Nevertheless, let us show you how to apply UAL masters scholarships before 19th June, 2021 because no student is permitted to apply later than the due date. Any application form whether it passed the requirement and selection process, once it passed later than the deadline, without negotiations, it will not be suspended but disqualified totally. So to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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Application Requirements

I once asked this “Do you know the secret behind every successful application of UAL masters scholarships?” Its because all the students wishing to apply UAL masters scholarship always adhere to the application proper routines and requirements. Moreover, before you apply for this scholarship, these are all you need to know and get ready:

  1. Foremost, UAL has 6 participating universities that each of the students has to choose one and apply for admission before scholarship application. So, before you proceed with the application, you must have received an admission offer from any of the universities or colleges.
  2. More so; only undergraduates are chosen for this program because they are working towards a Masters certification
  3. Will you be able to describe on a paper with 350 words on:
      • How receiving a postgraduate scholarship will make a difference to your life
      • How you intend to change your community or probably the country with your academic training
      • You will enforce equity and Justice in your community using your degree
      • How this scholarship will attend to your future plans

When all of these are fulfilled to the core, believe me, they are the basic selection criteria that attracts the management to your desk. Whenever the finalist records will be rolled out, you will appear among the selected if only you adhere to all the tips and great guidelines composed and revealed to you.

Affiliated Institutions

  • London College of Fashion
  • Camberwell College of Arts
  • London College of Communication
  • Wimbledon College of Arts
  • Central Saint Martins
  • Chelsea College of Arts

Grant Duration

This is a full-time program for all international students trying to advance with the research scheme. Every Masters’s degree program is always 2 years and UAL postgraduate scholarship is 2 years or less than program because the duration of your stay depends on the course of study being offered.

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UAL Fees and Funding to Students

A 5000 euro amount that will cover for both your tuition fees and living costs. It might contribute to your other spending depending on the tuition fee amount. Their only responsibility is to offer you €5000 for your academic support.

Apply UAL Masters Scholarships

When an interested student has finally decided and agreed upon the scholarship application, the next step is to apply an admission for any of the participating universities. When they have applied for admission and obtained an unconditional offer, then these procedures follows:

    • Log onto your university-student portal and click on “My Funding” because they all support students to exploit UAL scholarship.
    • Identify UAL 5000 euro postgraduate scholarship. Click on the button for the application form to appear
    • Fill out the form accordingly and wait for your approval
    • Remember to include all other application materials.

I hope you got all you craved for, on this page. We wish to hear your own side of the story. What is your weakness in applying for free abroad study programs? We are open to treat your difficulties.

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