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Apply UK study and work visa if you are a student that wants to live in the great city of the UK with your studies and financial life flowing smoothly as you wish. You will not stay on the other side of the roses because the UK has high and decent-paying jobs for students.

Foreign students apply for studies in the UK because they can live, study, and work in the United Kingdom without obstruction and negative influence. There are good-paying jobs that are also decent for a student. You can select any of the jobs depending on your study schedules and the university you are attending to. Meanwhile, there are academic institutions that employ their students to work inside the school.

However, if you want to live when you enter the UK, no problem. Simply choose the right visa for you and proceed with the application. For a student that wants to study and also work in the UK, there is a visa for you. In case you just finished your studies and aiming to enter the UK for work, there is also a visa for you. That is to say, there is no general visa, but a visa that explains your reason for staying in the UK or traveling to the UK.

Now, you are on a mission to study and work in the UK, this guide is a masterpiece that is focused on providing elucidated procedures on how to apply UK work and study visa or how to apply UK study and work visa.

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How to Travel to the UK to Study and Work for Free

Do you have any idea about the scholarship opportunities available in the UK? There are many universities and private sections taking care of grants that are given to students with no or little funds to take care of their academic life. These scholarships are available according to your stage of degree.

You have to choose the one that reflects your study life and also meets your needs. Some of these scholarships come with accommodation, not just free money. With such an opportunity, you can travel to the UK to enroll in a program while working decently.

Apply UK Study and Work Visa

A student visa is always available for foreign students all over the world. For any course you want to take, play the first role of getting an enrollment offer from a UK university first. After that, you can now get the application requirements or documents and apply online via the official visa application website in case you don’t want to apply directly to the embassy. Get at least these files ready before applying:

  • Your birth document or certificate
  • Health test
  • Proof of accommodation in the UK.
  • An enrollment letter or admission letter from any renowned or prestigious UK university.
  • The enrollment letter should be from the department you care to take.
  • More so, pay and provide proof of booked flight ticket for going and got return.
  • A valid passport will still stay valid until you are back.
  • Photocopies of other travel documents.
  • Newly captured passport photograph.

With the visa, you can stay in the UK until your program is covered. While taking the program, you can work in any of the work fields eligible for students.

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Can I Apply Online?

You can complete the steps online but we suggest you go to the embassy directly to apply for a UK study and work visa. It will take your time but will be detailed to you. There is other needful information that will be made clear to you when this visa is applied in person.

Nevertheless, for UK study visa online application, let us know in the comment box below.

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