Apply University of Calabria Scholarship | 2021 Requirements and Fees

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Are you an upcoming master’s student? Apply University of Calabria scholarship for this 2021 reward positioned for international students. Are you ready for this award that is ready to pay off students of every era? If your answer is yes, look at the details and everything you need to know. Application is done online as the application form is also available online for both European and non-European students. There are eligible programs accessible by all the foreign students that are quite interested in the scholarship scheme. Meanwhile, it is a fully-funded program to study in Italy for free.

The University of Calabria will undertake enlisted students. However, become one of the participants when you comply with the eligibility demands and application procedures. If you must know, students applying must have their Bachelor’s degree certificate for them to become eligible.

That said, you are good to go if you have never received a Bachelor’s degree for a lifetime. In as much as you have all it takes, you must have passed out undergraduate for you to do the university of Calabria international scholarship application.

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Who Can Apply?

Only master’s aspirants are qualified to proceed with the program and enjoy the full free opportunity offer. So, if you have completed your undergraduate degree and are exposed to a master’s, simply check out all the mentioned eligibility criteria and then, follow the rules here to start and complete the university of Calabria international scholarship application.

Eligible Courses

In as much as this is for postgraduates, there are courses made eligible to be accessed by selected beneficiaries. For you to get consideration after submitting an application form and its supplementary documents, ensure that you are from;

  1. Medical Health department
  2. Engineering and Technology
  3. Socio-economic department
  4. Or Science.

These are the branches available and accessible by all the international applicants that are selected.

University of Calabria Scholarship Requirements

In other words, check out the application requirements from all the students that are aspiring to be certified Masters degrees in their various fields of study. For you to be eligible;

  • You must be an international student that has nothing to do with Italian citizenship.
  • Also, you ought to have an interest in studying abroad.
  • If you must know, undergraduate students are ineligible. Only master’s applicants are free to proceed with the program.
  • Additionally, your course of study must concentrate on either of the listed eligible subjects.
  • In as much as you are ready for the program, your age must fall below 40 years. Anything more than that is ineligible.

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Apply University of Calabria Scholarship

It is a fully-funded scholarship that covers, accommodation, tuition fees, university costs, medical insurance, pocket money, feeding, and so on. Prior to that, for any student to be eligible for consuming all these offers, you must have satisfactory results and also be ready to render satisfactory results at the end of the program each semester.

Quickly visit here to fill the form, provide all required documents, and wait for later notifications.

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