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Apply USA Travel Visa  – Before you are allowed into any country, you must hold an approved travel visa. Every foreigner that has opt to move into any country either for residence or other purposes such as work endeavors, your visa must be validated. The issue now is how to apply for the travel visa.

Occasionally, i have come across this question of how to apply us travel visa, apply us temporary visa, step by step guide on how to apply USA visa online. Frankly speaking, application of visa is not as simple as you can imagine due to the processes involved. Ranging from the application to the interview down to season of issuing. But what you must have in mind is that after every struggles comes a pay day. Your payback is your travel visa and believe me when i say that you must get the visa with this tips situated on your screen now.

Meanwhile, US has two kinds of travel visa; the temporary resident visa and permanent resident visa. These visa contains all the detailed information needed for your travel. That is to say, after your visa approval and issuance, you will be able to confirm your date of travel, the city assigned to you, the last date for your last travel with the visa i.e the visa’s expiry date. If you are among those moving-in for work, you will also be notified of the working visa’s expiry date. Nevertheless, the immigration agency will be sure that your application documentations are okay before any approval.

Furthermore, traveling is one of the educative part of life because you will experience another atmosphere, lifestyle, food, friends etc. Without waste of your time, we will highlight all the documents needed for your application and what it takes for you to apply us travel visa online without repercussion. We wish you luck as you proceed with this tips. Then, if you must know, all our guides are genuine, no need to freak out or think twice.

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Requirements for Travel Visa Application

Your Passport: Your passport must be over six months valid by the time you have entered the country. Anything less than that will cause visa denial.

Passport Photograph: During online application, you will be instructed to upload an image which you must upload to the page. Below is the photograph instructions

Application Fee: Application fee varies depending on your Nationality. So, during application, you will inquire on the basic fee paid by your nationality regarding your travel visa purpose.

Issuance Fee: Based on approved visas, issuance fee is allocated to any approved visa that is ready to be obtained by its owner. This means that you have two non-refundable payments to make regarding your visa

The Application Form for Travel Visa

The application form is downloaded online, completed online and submitted with online required documents. After which you will be called for an interview . Many questions will be asked, just be ready for that. In all ramifications, what am pointing is that you are to download the application form online in accordance with their rules.

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About the Interview

Interestingly, you are prompted to open the lid of interview to US Embassy in your residing country so that interview will be scheduled. While approaching for the interview, come along with your completely filled application form. That same day, fingerprint scanning will be done because its among the processes carried out, that’s why its good to apply in person and equally complete the processes in person in case of emergency updates.

Travel Visa | Application

Due to global coronavirus outbreak, there is no international travel entertained by US for now. Trump mandated immediate restrictions regarding travels. Therefore, no foreigner is accepted until the situation is  subdued. To be enrolled, download the application form ds-160 here. But the site is going under some technical upgrade so it doesn’t accept or lead you through application. Would you mind us informing you of any update regarding the travel visa

We want you to get your travel visa too, that’s why we want you to drop your email or phone number so as to be informed of later results hereafter.


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