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Studying abroad has gone easier since students can apply Veronesi scholarship for postgraduates. This is a program for biomedical students from anywhere around the globe. Apply this program now and study in your dream university and accomplish your dream in life.

Veronesi scholarship is a funding foundation that supports international students that wants to kickstart their educational journey. All candidates applying must be postdoctoral applicants and aspirants so that it will be considerable. More to that, there are lots of documents, especially research files that you will download to make your application complete. Meanwhile, application is done once.

Shoot your shot once and enjoy a free study throughout your postgraduate level. Tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation and rest of other expenses that is accredited to you as a student will be taken care of once you win your way into the beneficiary list. So, discover all the details that makes you qualified for this ideal program so that your postdoctoral journey won’t be as difficult as it was for others.

However, students that are applying must be candidates from the field of biomedical researches. These are candidates that will undergo the training of discovery. They will work as teams to discover new ideas and methods of how to do early diagnosis in cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Students that are selected after “Apply Veronesi scholarship for postgraduates” has completed will learn how to prevent and treat this diagnosis mentioned above.

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Documents that will be Attached to the Application Form

It is very necessary for you to have idea of all the documents that must be added to the application form to validate the application. Your application will only be considered complete when you attach these documents in a pdf format;

  • Evidence of English proficiency.
  • English written application form.
  • Previous academic qualification. That is your Bachelor’s degree certificate and Master’s degree certificate.
  • CV of maximum 4000 characters including the spaces. Date of PhD degree must be clearly indicated.
  • Government issued ID.
  • Submit your research on animals, humans.

Interestingly, all your degrees must be in Medicine so that you will be awarded.

Scholarship Requirements for International Students

Become eligible for this program when you meet up with all these requirements stated below;

  1. Your degree must be in Medicine.
  2. Also, your application must be written in English.
  3. If you must know, only medical students can apply for this program.
  4. Only students that are applying for a subject prior to Medicine, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, Biostatistics, Computation Biology, Physics, Mathematics.
  5. Do you know that only postdoctoral level of study can be accessed here? Any other study level apart from this is ineligible.
  6. All required application documents must be attached to the application form.
  7. More so, applicants must submit all the proof of research demanded by the website.

On the other hand, we have reached the position where you will love to know how to apply Veronesi scholarship for postgraduates.

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Apply Veronesi Scholarship for Postgraduates

Application is done once. If you make mistakes and submit the application form with the error, amendments will not be initiated under any circumstances. It is also mandated that all entrants must submit only one application form. If you submit more than once, the evaluation process will not be your portion again.

So, ensure that you submit your application before 5th September, 2022 to enjoy exclusive reward for 12 months exclusively. Enjoy € 30,000 as your grant annually while studying at any of the Italian universities in recognition.

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