Applying for a U.S Visa – US Visa Requirments

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Welcome to the U.S visa application guide portal, here are the things that will help you when applying for a U.S visa. You will come to learn how to successfully apply for a visa especially if you are applying for a U.S visa from Africa. This information here will cover largely the requirements for visa application both for immigrants and non immigrants.

Traditionally, anyone wanting or wishing to migrate temporary or permanently must require a visa; this ID serves as a pass to bringing the applicant into the said country. However there are two kinds of Visa and they are: The Immigrants Visa and the nonimmigrants visa.

The non-immigrant visa is the kind of visa issued to individuals who would like to visit a country temporally, while the immigrant visa is given to an applicant applying to stay permanently in a country. The requirements for these two are very different and unique, in U.S immigration structure, an individual wanting to apply for an American visa must first file up a petition, this petition must be filed by a qualified relative or someone who is a staff at USCIS.

That said, please note, the United Sate Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the body responsible for approving the applicants application

Nonimmigrants Visa

Like we defined above, immigrant visa is the kind that is give to applicants who wan to travel to us for business, education and other purposes. This kind of visa can be given to and for the following reasons: Tourism, business, importation, health, education, wedding etc. Moreover, before an application will be given to the person applying, the applicants must prove to the Consular officer that he or she is well behaved and it’s no a threat to his present country, he will also proof that he will leave the country after his education, co tact or whatever he or she indicated .

Immigrants Visa

This is the kind of visa issued to an individuals who is applying to migrate temporally to the U.S, in this sense, the applicant is seeking to move permanently into the country. The kind of visa to be issued to this said applicants and the application requirements is not the same with the nonimmigrants. This is obtainable easily when someone who is qualified and is a permanent resident of the United sate applies for the said applicants.

What to do When Applying for a U.S Visa

Step One: Visit the USCIS website to find out your eligibility, after that, you are also expected to file up your petition to permanently relocate to the United Sates or to visit the country for a while. Moreover, details on how to apply successfully are detailed on the said website.

Step Two: Move now to pay your USCIS immigration fee, this may differ from countries, so you need to find out how much you need to pay and the right account number and bank to pay the money to. Some Africa counties like Nigeria pays a minimum USD 202.

Step three: After submitting your application form and making your payments, book your interview appointment with your Consular, remember the U.S immigration body makes sure that they turn up on interview day. More so, your interview starts when an interview date is given you; coming a bit late or not on the said day, also adds to the result of your interview.

Step Four: Once your application is approved, then you are ready to travel,however if it was not approved, you will be informed why you are not. Moreover, like we said, you need to read up the requirement for applying for an America visa.

U.S Visa Requirements

  • Applicant must not have any contagious sickness like Ebola etc.
  • must not have any criminal record
  • your bank statement of account must proof that you are not under any financial threat.
  • intending applicant who have any court case or any ongoing illegal issues will be denied of visa.
  • If you have any relation who have gone to the country before and has made a wrong record may cause your application to be questionable.
  • applicants for immigration visa must state in clear terms their purpose for applying for a visa
    make sure you visit the USCIS to read up all the requirements needed for your country.

Hope this guide was helpful? if yes, you can visit out homepage to see how to apply for other visas.


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