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With these available job openings in Canada airport, you will be among the next set of candidates that will travel to Canada for work. Not just to work, you will also have a place to stay. The recruiting company takes care of employees’ accommodation, with other incentives included. Find out how to apply online.

Canada is a nice and peaceful country with lots of development, people from different countries travel to Canada for sightseeing, some travel for work, while most other foreigners target to stay permanently. Getting a Canada visa is not as easy as you think, but some programs will help you get the visa easily. It is either you apply for a Canadian scholarship, there are tons of such opportunities available online now for students. Some of the scholarships come with a free visa.

Another one is Canadian jobs, there are millions of Canadian jobs with free visa. When you apply and get enlisted for such a job, there is no doubt that you will get a free visa. For instance, we are talking about Canada jobs in Canada airports. You are allowed to choose any of the open positions in available job openings in Canada airport to apply. The offer comes with visa sponsorship, accommodation, and a captivating payment package.

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Canada Airport Job Description

What is expected from anyone applying for any of the job positions mentioned here? You are eligible to apply for this job if you are a job-driven someone, hardworking, and kind. Also, it is a job that will need you to move out of your comfort zone to enter Canada. So, are you ready to come to Canada? This is an opportunity to live and work.

Nevertheless, the company that is employing foreign eligible workers is Smart recruiting services, Dexterra Canada. They employ candidates that passed their screening and coveted the job requirements which will still be mentioned beyond. Candidates eligible for application are the ones within the age range of 18 – 48.

Employer: Smart Recruiting Services, Dexterra Canada is open for employment. At Dexterra, employees are welcomed with many offers including accommodation, feeding, and others. Accommodation is not an offer that comes naturally with the job, if you are interested, you are advised to indicate.

Available Job Openings in Canada Airport

We have mentioned the number of people needed for a particular position, the available job openings, and the salary ( USD )

  • 20 Airport customer service representatives will be paid 2500 USD each.
  • 10 Ramp agents with an exciting salary of 2200 for each worker.
  • 5 Airport trolley collector – $1670.
  • 15 Warehouse workers – 1800 USD
  • 13 Baggage checked – 2400 USD
  • 18 Package handler – $1950.

Applicants are now free to apply for any of the positions with their CV, passport, and the rightful application page. However, before we proceed, it is important to know the work requirements.

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How to Apply a Job in Canada Airport

You are free to use the Apply button at the application site but before you proceed with the application, there are qualified that you must have and qualifications that you must possess:

  1. There is no mentioned level of academic qualifications.
  2. But you must be within the age range of 18 and 48 years.
  3. Know how to make use of English, write, and understand the language.
  4. You are expected to be mentally healthy. Meanwhile, you will be checked before your travel.
  5. Be someone that can travel or move to another country like Canada.
  6. Apply if you have no criminal record.

So, if you must apply, ensure you have these qualities.

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