Bank Statement for Application of Travel Visa

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Bank statement is one of the things you may need while applying for u.s visa or any country visa. The bank statements reveals your bank transaction for a specific period of time.

The U.S immigration service uses this to check the applicant’s financial credibility and so you must know that you must have enough money before you are given a pass into a foreign country.

Why is this necessary? This is to ensure that applicant’s doesn’t become a liability to the country.

Right now, we want to show you how you can do bank statement application of travel visa, if you are following us right now, you can subscribe to our website at so as to stay updated with information like this.

Bank statement application across various banks is easy and cheap, in some local banks then may charge less than a $ and this will be printed for you within a jiffy.

More so, if it is your second time to apply for bank statement, you can simply do that online using your mobile phone or pc. However for the sake of certainty, you can visit the bank nearest to you.

Bank Statement for Application of Travel Visa

Click here to apply for statement of account.

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