August 10, 2022
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Bayer Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Bayer foundation scholarship for international students consists of up to five scholarships awarded to international students aiming to use this scholarship plan for project research. You can retain your previous degree and then add a new degree to these eligible courses below.

Hi Applicant.. Do you know that Bayer foundation scholarship for international students has five diverse nature of scholarship for interested candidates? These scholarships have respective courses for each of them. So, your role is to browse these scholarships to discover the exact scholarship among Bayer foundation scholarship for international students that made your specialized course available.

Moreover, this page intends to open the eyes of applicants to all the needful resources passed onto beneficiaries, and all they need to do in order to be awarded the scholarship. So, if you must know, the Bayer foundation scholarship for international students is an innovative scholarship with innovative plans for students. It is so fortunate that the scholarship cash benefit is so supportive and can see you through even after 2 years of finishing the program.

Therefore, analyze the needful, assimilate them, and co-habit them as part of you, especially the scholarship documents so that when an application starts, it won’t be any hard for you to make provision of Bayer foundation scholarship application requirements. New students, apprehend the most convenient scholarship that suits with your profession. All of the scholarships undergo the same selection criteria and beneficiaries given the same treatment.

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Bayer Foundation Scholarship Requirements

International students should take note of these requirements. This is the general prerequisites for students and each and every of the aspirants must adhere to the mandates. On the contrary, there is no additional information regarding Bayer foundation scholarship for international students

  1. The transcript of the last degree completed. This record must contain your academic performance and being selected is all dependent on how satisfactory your record is.
  2. In addition to that, your project which must consist of your special course, proof of laboratory researches and assignments, internships and then an indication of your next postgraduate study
  3. Passport photographs will not be entertained rather, submit the photo of your job application which is in recognition.
  4. More to that, a Confirmation letter from the institution attended by a candidate will not be taken for granted. We are just emphasizing on your last attended institution within the range of 304 days ago (10 months).

So, when all these documents are ready, including an additional document that can actually prove your worthiness, then you are ready to apply after clicking the eligibility checker button below.

Am I Eligible?

You don’t have to keep on asking yourself that question but to make a move of inquiries. Since you aim to attain and retain your postgraduate degree with this scholarship, study the qualification criteria below:

  • International and home students(i.e citizens of Germany residing in Germany presently) can apply for Bayer foundation scholarship for international students. Although it is specially addressed to international students, home students can access it.
  • Moreover, this is a postgraduate scholarship so any student intending to apply Bayer foundation scholarship for international students must have received results and successfully completed previous degree.
  • Are you ready to research your project in Germany? Enhance your view about profession by receiving an advanced study training in any of the recognized prominent universities of this scholarship.
  • Ensure that your application is not submitted more than once, so that it won’t terminate the effectiveness of the first scholarship.
  • Impersonification won’t be entertained but it will rather cost you this scholarship.

Concentrated Academic Cycle

Postgraduate Certification Only.

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Recognized Courses

Medical Science, Agronomy, Biochemistry Computational life Sciences, Medical Engineering, Crop Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Digital Farming, Environmental Sciences, Public Health, Molecular Biology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Agro Sciences, Green Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Health Economics

How to Apply Bayer Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Bayer foundation scholarship comprises Carl Duisberg scholarship, Hermann Strenger scholarship, Jeff Schell scholarship, Otto Bayer scholarship, and Kurt Hensen scholarship. Regardless of the scholarship composition, you must go through to at least, dictate the scholarship with your study course as a course in recognition so that you can apply from there.

Provided that your study course is among the mentioned courses bove this section, then you have to do as mandated. Most of all, just know that the same prerequisites and application method is required. So, you don’t have to freak out.

As a matter of fact, apply for Bayer foundation scholarship for international students at You can apply now, do not employ delay.

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