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Based on ratings, these are the best car insurance companies in Canada 2022. Conveying yourself from one place to another is a very fragile scenario but you can travel with confidence with a signed up car insurance policy. You need the best for it, that is why you will find best auto insurance companies Canada so as to dine with the best only.

People dive into getting a car without thinking of the necessary requirements for backup. Some states has finalized car insurance as a legal requirement. If you are in such province, I suggest you should compare the rates, cover amount, and policy amount of the best ones. In Canada, we will refer only the best 5 companies for your automobile. You can now go through their prerequisites and rates to ensure that the rate of the chosen auto insurance company is what you can afford.

Do you know why auto insurance is the first thing to do after purchasing a car? Whether it is an old model car, secondhand or brand new one, car insurance companies stay by side to back you up each time there is a problem with your car. The financial service that will be offered is in return of your policy plan. Each insurance company has varieties of strategy that you can choose from. So, whether you are in Canada, US, UK, Australia, you should always compare rates among best auto insurance companies in Canada, top 5 insurance companies for cars in US, best insurance company UK for cars, best 5 car insurance companies Australia.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Canada

To make things easier for you, we did our finding and in the finding lists, there is a compilation of top 5 auto insurance companies in Canada. All of them are already with strong international presence and policies. Check their rates before making your decision on the company that will keep you insured.

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Rated 5: Economical Insurance

There are lots and lots of auto insurance companies to choose from in Canada but when you need the best with affordable rates, Economical insurance is the one to run to. It has affordable auto insurance rates that you would love to vibe with. Millions of people are already offered insurance with their little for best.

This company that started a very long time ago, in the 70s, has flexible options and insurance coverages that whether you are driving a truck, lorry, EV, truck, or small automobiles, you will be insured as a five star VIP. You can check them out now to rate their cover amount at

Do you know that they are not just best only for automobiles? You will still find them among the leading insurance companies in agriculture, properties, and in surety products too. They are for personal and commercial. Economical Insurance company has also always been known as the casualty insurance companies. Find them at any of their 11 locations.

Rated 4: Belairdirect Insurance

This is an auto insurance company for drivers that used their personal vehicles for business such as Lyft and Uber drivers. However, it will interest you more to know that Belairdirect is a subsidiary of another best car insurance company in Canada, Intact Insurance company.

This company offers tons of insurance policies apart from Auto and also created Belairdirect as a subordinate for drivers in companies like Uber and Lyft. While this subordinate is not popular like the big one, it helps safe drivers to save up to 15% from their chosen Belairdirect premium policy plan with their over 60 years experience.

So, if you now use your personal vehicle for making money and didn’t get it insured before now, just walk straight into Belairdirect insurance company to get one of the best plans that will also help you to enjoy rebates when you drive safely.

Rated 3: Intact Insurance

As you already know, this company is the leading insurance company when it comes to home insurance offers, life, and business, Just like Belairdirect is out there for their business offers. It is also among the chosen auto insurance companies when it comes to getting paid for pulling off good driving stunts.

With their OneDrive product you can save money from your premium for proving to be a safe driver. Also trust Intact Insurance company with your household, they are so good in fitting in to your needs.

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Rated 2: The Co-operators

The second on the list is another Canadian based company known as The Co-operators. They are one of the best Canadian owned auto insurance that now appears in over 44 countries. In addition to that, they are known for best business strategy and one of the best practices is giving 50% discount to clients that didn’t file a claim or claims in the previous year.

In the Co-operators, wide range of products are offered in which this auto insurance policy is one of them. Therefore, enjoy the service of a company that has over 75 years experience in this business.

Rated 1: Aviva

When you talk about insurance companies for cars without mentioning Aviva, you haven’t started. It is a subsidiary of Aviva Uk-based but with it’s popularity, they offer wide range of products in which ride-sharing products is one of them. While others insurance companies go for personal drives mostly, Aviva is for both personal and commercial. Although the rates are above the average-cost, but you will enjoy additional benefits for being an insured client here.

You are free to choose from any of the products: Competitive coverage, Protection coverage product, accident dating waiver, and other adds-on.

Since you have seen the best insurance companies in Canada now, make use of the knowledge in getting affordable coverage that will benefit you and your car.

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