August 13, 2022
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Best Car Insurance for Non-Uk Residents | Insurance for Foreign Drivers in UK

Do you know why you should look out for best car insurance for non-UK residents? I bet you must have found out of the kind of treatment given to foreign UK drivers upon how they strived to build up their driving experiences overseas. It is very hard to get your car insured in UK as a result of trust issues but with this details on best insurance for foreign drivers, you will worry for nothing.

UK insurers treat drivers from other countries differently because they feel like these drivers need to know more about UK, their roads, driving rules, and how to drive safely. Drivers from abroad are taken like risk, that is why it’s hard to find insurer to back up these foreigners. Amongst all the chaos, there is this super hero that got your back and that is the Insure2Drive.

This car insurance company for drivers is already authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA ). Do you know that the main aim of this insurance company is to simplify the process of buying car insurance policy by drivers in UK and beyond? It became outstanding since it helps non-UK resident drivers to purchase policy and also have access to the ongoing discounts. This is unlike other UK insurance platforms.

You can now grab the registration process since Insure2Drive is focused on offering comprehensive guide and cover to drivers with good driver records. You can also get a quote today from this United Kingdom car insurance company that is bent on providing affordable car insurance so that they won’t be making additional premium budgets just in the name of being foreign drivers in UK. Find out the requirements you need and other traditions that concerns Insure2drive.

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Countries Eligible for Existing No Claim Discounts

Insurers in UK don’t accept existing no claim discounts from drivers that built theirs in other countries. They don’t find it worthy and this crash these non-Uk drivers into building a new no claim discounts. It’s hard to start from a scratch but that shouldn’t be their concern since they are focused on providing safe country, city, and roads.

The idea seem to arrive differently in the presence of Insure2drive. This car insurance company will consider your existing no claim discounts and make you comfortable while driving in UK as a fully-covered driver if only you are from any of these countries shown below.

  1. Monaco
  2. European countries
  3. Norway
  4. Andorra
  5. South Africa
  6. Australia
  7. Switzerland
  8. Gibraltar
  9. New Zealand

Citizens of other countries will have to start building their no claims discounts from the scratch even when they already have existing ones.

Best Car Insurance for Non-Uk Residents

There are several points that made us recommend this insurance company to you at this instant.

  • Other insurers will not accept an existing permit and license even if you have never had accident before. Trust me, the case is different when Insure2drive is involved. With your existing licence and permit, you can drive around UK for 12 months with atleast third party insurance cover.
  • We also discovered the Insure2Drive as an instance company for you because it allows you to drive in UK with international license if you covered the requirements below.
  • Temporary drivers, that is,drivers that just came to UK for vacation, business, or any other reason that won’t keep them in UK for long, can drive fully covered with their international license, but it won’t last long.
  • That is to say, our best special car insurance company for non-UK residents is available to international drivers with approved international license.
  • Insure 2drive will cover your third party insurance cover, third party fire and theft, damages caused to third party, and comprehensive car insurance.

In fact, there are more you can benefit from the company. You just need to get your free quote and also purchase your premium policy from this standard UK car insurance company.

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How to Get Car Insurance from Insure2drive is the official page of this great insurance company in UK for residents and non-residents. They will allow you to drive with international license if you:

  • If you have a full license from any of the eligible countries mentioned.
  • US license holders are also eligible for 12 months. Anything later than the due date will require another license and now, in UK, after UK driving test is passed.
  • If your driving license is a full EEC or EU that is still valid.
  • Also, you can drive with full cover if your license is not issued in EU, EEC, or any of the countries. Why? Because this time, you will need to go through the processes of getting standard UK drivers license in UK, pass the UK driving school and others so as to legally drive on the roads of United Kingdom.

So, quickly go to to get your quote as an international UK driver.

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