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Apply to study in Canada as an international student, fulfill all that is required of you and be lucky to be chosen by a designated school. Extend your study permit and discover about working while studying. All you need know about how to apply for Canada student visa is on this page.

Canada is one of the Top 10 Academic Country in the world, it is a place where education is valued. Inside Canada you are free to work and study even as an international student. Also grab a permanent residential permit after study.

But certain rules are bound to be followed, you must be able to fulfil all that is required before you will be enlisted to enjoy all you desired.

Moreover, if you have gained an admission already for an undergraduate program, Masters or Postgraduate program, then you are one step away from also grabbing your visa. You may boycott, applying for bank statement for visa application, but can’t overhaul getting all that is required for Canada student visa application.

Why stick with this Guide?

  • You will learn how to do Canada student visa application.
  • Learn how to study in Canada as an international student.
  • Extend your study permit.
  • Find out abut working while study after graduating.

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Eligibility for Canada Visa Application

Let’s find out if you need a study permit, before we rush you through the steps involved in getting one. But number one in the list is to tell if you are already in Canada or not. Number two is, if you have a family there or not. Number three is if you are a minor or not. Number four is to answer: how long you intend to stay there, where if it’s more than 6 month? If none of these describes you, then you don’t need a visa, what you need is a student permit.

What is Canada student Permit?

A study permit is what gives you right to stay in Canada at a time stipulated. Moreover if your Canada study permit application is accepted, you will be given an Electronic Travel Visa or a Visitor Visa, depending on your passport or travel document. This is what grants you right to travel into Canada.

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Canada Student Visa Application Requirements

Here are the things you need to know and equally have before you can successfully apply for a study visa to Canada.

  • Applicant must be able to prove that he or he has the money to pay for the tuition fees
  • Also he or she must be able to prove that they can handle their academic expenses.
  • Must have a return transport fee
  • Must have been enrolled into a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • Must be void of any criminal record.
  • Must be in good health condition.
  • Prove to immigration officer that you must leave after studies in Canada.

Am glad you now know all these, so am sure you know what it takes for Canada visa application, you can go ahead now to apply for one. Click here to tart your application now.



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