Canada Visa Fees | Requirements – Find out Your Eligibility

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Canada is a country in the North American, known as a highly developed county and a country void of racism and tribal critics. Find out how the Canada visa fees and how to migrate to the country.

Entry requirements may have changed since you lasted visited. Also the new Canada visa lottery 2020 form which is still on the trend is a scam.

To apply for Canada visa, applicant must have to be sure that he or she is eligible to apply. More so, applicants must provide all the document needed during the application time. The bank statement of account for visa application will correspond with the time specified about that. Find out how to apply for the bank statement for Canada visa application.

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Canada Visa Fees

The fees listed are in Canadian dollars (C$).

Permit/Visa        Fee

  • Study permit (including extensions) C$150
  • Visitor record (including extensions) C$75
  • Work permit (including extensions) C$155
  • Work permit – maximum fee for groups of performing artists and their staff C$100
  • Visitor visa – single entry or multiple entry (including extensions) C$100
  • Visitor visa – maximum fee for family C$500

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