August 10, 2022
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Canada Visa Lottery Application | All You Need to Know

Canada visa lottery application is always the mistake made by Canadian immigrants. As the little research unveiled to us, Canada has never offered Visa lottery for immigrants seeking permanent residency permit. US is the only signified country with the visa lottery which is called the Diversity visa for green card issuance.

Many websites staged themselves as the that renders help and support to applicants that wants to immigrate to Canada. That same which is a private immigration law firm Campbell that has gathered up to 50 years work experience when it comes to migration programs made it clear that Canada is not responsible for any money or fund received from aspiring immigrants.

Canadian government doesn’t offer visa lottery unlike US. So, many people, especially applicants fall the victim of paying some significant amount of money as registration fee or application fee to these websites. As a matter of fact, is here to give you signal on the wrongdoings exerted on immigrants. In case you want to fall a victim, do not approach any website in the cause of applying Canada Visa lottery application.

In as much as there’s a record of Visa issuance, individuals are urged to apply to above 60 Visa issuing programs mapped out by Canadian governments for foreigners to migrate to Canada legitimately. So, are you interested in applying through the process or you want to be a prey to all these perpetrators? If you really wanna deviate from this viral Canada Visa lottery application, then heed to all the instructions below.

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Canada Visa Programs

We wish to let you know all the Canadian visa programs that you can apply for so as to subdue stress derived from Visa application. This is really an informative page so once you stay with us, you gonna get all the information needed. Interestingly, Canada visa lottery application form is not what you will be searching now, but how to apply for Canada visa so as to immigrate in peace and legitimately.

During your application, there are many evaluations to choose from. These evaluations just portray reasons for individual’s immigration. It is only your purpose will emerge the kind of application form which will be released to you. So, do you wanna check if you are eligible? Log onto which is the official immigration firm situated by Canadian government.

Canada Visa Lottery Application Form

There is no existence of Canada visa lottery application form because the lottery program doesn’t exist. Unlike USA that offers application for Diversity Visa lottery 2020, Canada doesn’t offer that opportunity since inception. Just apply for Canada visa depending on your purpose for travelling. It can be because of;

  • New work;; maybe you were transferred to Canada for work as a skilled worker or you received a new work in Canada. Apply at the Work evaluation once Canada visa application form is out.
  • Tourist: This is what we often do. As a country with enough pasture, it is worthy of tourist. So, individuals will always apply for visit visa. Trying to reach your relatives and friends in Canada is also in the category of Visit visa
  • School: Students work on their student visa so as to move into Canada legally.
  • Business visa: Entrepreneurs has their separate visa. This visa will take you directly to the area you indicated.

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These and many more are just kinds of visa that immigrants must apply under. Either of them must be the reason for migrating to Canada so just apply with any of the visas.

Download Canada Visa Lottery Application Form

You will not just jump into applying the Canada visa lottery but will first assess your details so as to attest your eligibility. So, do you want our eligibility checker to help you in deciding your qualifications? Log onto to get it all done and dusted.

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