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This is an unbiased list of Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria that will give you nothing but the best insurance experiences. All these auto insurance companies has their respective policies and terms which are obliged to customers like you. So, do you want to affiliate with an Auto Insurance Company? Pick from the best!

Do you need an insurance company that will cover your auto in every emergency damages, theft, fire or related? If yes, we have several car insurance companies that will see you through provided that you comply to terms and policies. As a matter of fact, these companies will cover you for the risks of fire, theft, accidental damages or bodily injury to third parties. You are lucky to inquire and then set auto goals from the best Car Insurance Companies in town.

Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Behold the best Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria 2020. As a matter of fact, from these insurance companies, you can buy your third party motor insurance and then get your certificate instantly. Above all, these companies has gone digital and this will help you to make changes to your account and setups. Below are the most comfortable auto insurance companies to affiliate with.

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    • Custodian and Allied Insurance

This is a motor insurance company with comprehensive insurance cover towards damages, accidents, fire outbreaks, car theft and third party damages.

That said, they cover the insured liability for injury to your car, losses, death and some other fatal damages. You can apply it now as we have gone digital.

How to apply? Open your web browser and visit – to get started.

    • AIICO Car Insurance

Are you a private car owner, or a company’s driver? Do you drive a delivery car and commercial fleets but feels like insuring your car against uncertainties? AIICO Car Insurance company is the best and only choice for such factors. It is the best for commercial and private drivers.

Becoming a customer is a readily accessible process because you contact us online, telephone and electronic mail. You can actually stroll into the company if their branch is closest to you.

However, AIICO Car Insurance companies operates in over 25 branches in Nigeria, so it might be existing in your state. Call our representatives via to know the nearest locations.

  • Industrial and General Car Insurance (IGI)

Meet a General Car Insurance company that has the most common risk management for customers. We get you covered because IGI is designed to get you ready for emergency breakages and deterioration that might befall your car anytime in the future. It cares for the third party damages.

More to that, it has all other insurance categories at heart which are fire insurance,life insurance, travel insurance, aviation and finally, the health insurance. This is killing two birds with one stone. So log onto this webpage- to obtain the sign up requirements and how to apply.

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    • AXA Mansard Car Insurance

AXA Mansard is a car insurance company in Nigeria that equally touched other insurance categories which include the motor insurance which we are into, then the health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and rest of them.

More to that, you are assured of 24/7 support, 5% discount on your flexible payments. However, there are other motor insurance plan that you will choose from and each of them has variant amount for keeping your insured.

Our Insurance Plans are:

  • AutoPlus
  • AutoGo
  • AutoClassic
  • AutoFlex.

These are the plans that has variant monthly amounts which must be subscribed by customers that chose it as their plans. Believe me when i say that they are pocket-friendly and convenient.

    • Leadway Car Insurance

Allow us to lead the way. When we lead the way, you will keep driving while we got your worries covered totally. All the insurable cars are: private cars, taxis, hire cars, commercial vehicles, buses, general cartage, tricycles, private cars and motorcycles. This policy provides the third party and also cover for the risks of fire.

So, when you prefer us protect you and your car against loss, damages of any sort or any result of car accidents, then you should heed to our terms and conditions.That’s the secret.

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