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Chalmers University of Technology takes care of your tuition fee once your record is from developing countries because Chalmers Adlerbert Masters Scholarship is targeted at foreign students from developing countries only? Is your country qualified? Find out!

Are you a graduate with great intentions of continuing your academics in Sweden? This opportunity is for you. Chalmers University of technology has critically re-enforced their scholarship for interested applicants that can oblige to the terms of application. However, the scholarship is strictly directed to students from economy growing countries.

Now, you’ve seen that money is no more the problem, but your academic performances so far, will determine the validity of this scholarship towards your future planning. We urge you to apply now than later. What are you still waiting for? You are about to lose thi opportunity. Head on to the application webpage to apply

But before then, make your inquiries on this page. Or stay still to obtain all the information needed for the application of Chalmers Adelbert masters scholarship 2020. Its for male and female but the course programs offered are only masters courses recognized in Chalmers university. So, apply according to your faculty. Allow your academic records to lead the way.

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Study Area:

Of course! this study program will take place at your dream country, Sweden. Make your career dreams come true with lots of training undergone in Chalmers University through Chalmers Alderbert Masters Scholarship. No matter how farther your country might be, provided that your country is qualified for application, your application is equally qualified for consideration provided that it passed through the selection criteria.

Application Requirements

This prestigious scholarship application has ruled documents and requirements from aspirants. Are you among the aspirants? Look closely at this section to recognize all the documents that will be submitted alongside the application form.

  1. 2 recommendation letters
  2. Passport Photograph
  3. Evidence of work experience at related field of study
  4. Recently compiled CV with relevant information
  5. The application form itself which will be obtained online and submitted with these supplementary

Chalmers Alderbert Scholarship Rules and Regulations

In the same view of this scholarship application, lets quickly run down the terms and conditions guiding the progression of this scholarship effectiveness from inception till date

  • No multi applications
  • Only for graduates that are ready for Masters certification
  • Are you ready to undergo full-time master’s tuition paid program for 2 years? Its mandatory for all selected or enlisted applicants. You must study in Sweden with full-time status
  • Apply with your transcripts and other essential documents intact with you
  • Documents that will be submitted by applicants must be valid without any form of falsified character
  • Individuals must apply individually. No group application.
  • Application is renews annually and you are instructed to apply and submit before January of each year. If you unfortunately missed it, schedule a reminder for another season’s recruitment.

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Nature of Each Applicant

  1. As an applicant, you are mandated to be physically fit
  2. Male and female are accepted
  3. No convalescent nature will be accepted
  4. No disabled individual
  5. Even by any chance, you have a hereditary minor ailment that can be tolerated or won’t disrupt the institution’s activities, you may try to apply. But you are not assured of getting the scholarship 100%
  6. Your tuition fee is covered 100%. Be ready to enjoy your studies with the intent of 2 years Masters program already sorted.

Chalmers Adlerbert Masters Scholarship

Do you know how and when to apply 2020 Chalmers University Scholarship for Foreign Masters scholars? You apply according to your faculty but the application is currently closed. You can consult this website if you wish to apply for next application. Its very simple to go-by.

Moreover, you can ask your questions and make clarifications using the comment box below with no extra charges.


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