1. I am trying to make a payment on my credit card but i am not able to do so.i am going to mail it in. my acct ends in 8273 my name Nadine Carroll

  2. I made a mistake posting my payment. I only wanted to make a $50 payment. It posted the total balance of the card. I can’t afford a 500 dollar payment please help. My last 4 digits are8863. Zip. 75646

  3. I have received the following charges , but I did not make those purchases :
    1- 4/10/2020 $21.96 Amazon shopping
    2- 4/8/2020 $11.34 Paypal Peterman
    3- 4/8/2020 $5.32 PayPal J.Tasevski
    4- 4/7/2020 $20.02 Amazon

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