1. I was told by Chase.com’s recorded telephone message (re my Marriott Bonvoy ass.) to go to Chase.com/paymentassist to pay my bill — but all I get here is info on how to enroll in auto pay (which I don’t want) or get another credit card (which I don’t want). Please tell me if my account is up to date or how I can bring it up to date. Thank you.

    • Dear Martha, we understand how you are feeling right now and we do apologise for any inconveniences, but first thing you must know is that this website is not http://www.chase.com credit card login website but an information blog that guides users on how to apply for Chase credit card and other company credit card, but if you are in need to speak with any of chase credit card customer representative, we suggest you login to thier website which is ta http://www.chase.com. Please don’t hesitate to reach to us if your matter was not yet resolved after visiting the site.

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