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Government of Hungary has finally situated another award in collaboration with Hungarian Deputy State Secretariat for Christian Students. A profound opportunity for students from christian persecuted or persecuting area to study in Hungary for free! Choose your programme to commence with Christian Young Scholarship Hungary.

This is another scholarship opportunity to study in Hungary University. Hungarian government has provided different awards for international students so far. Have you heard of the Hungaricum Stipendum Scholarship award? It among the defined opportunities deposited for diverse students to study in a well known quality university in cities of Hungary. In addition to the known initial scholarship, another fully free scholarship opportunity for undergraduate and graduates from another area of this globe has landed!

Moreover, this is a scholarship for young christian students. Not just young christian students but christian students from any part of the world where Christianity is despised, not acknowledged, persecuted and suffers. Only citizens of these countries are well-eligible for this scholarship application. You might not come form these countries or hold their citizenship but you might have a friend or old classmate from that area. Now that you got the alert for this mentioned scholarship, you gotta help’em.

In other words, christian young scholarship grantees demanded that applicants must be perfectionist in English language. Before you will be accepted or considered, you must prove your English proficiency. After that stage, apply for your own award via the official website which will be revealed hereafter. At the website, choose your level of studies, your preferred Hungarian university and choice of course. Assess the chosen institution’s website to be sure of the choice you’ve made. Discover their courses to confirm your choice. Below are students that can apply for Christian Young Scholarship Hungary.

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Qualified Students

Behold the lucky citizens that can apply to study in Hungary under the non-expense scholarship. The Scholarship covers over-half of the expenses needed by any university scholar. These awards includes

  • Dormitory for accommodation
  • Living stipends reimbursed every year until you finish your programme
  • Travel Expenses offered yearly
  • Tuition fee

These are all you stand to gain from here. So who are the appointed students for this scholarship award to study Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree under the Christian Young Scholarship award? They are:

  1. Republic of Iraq
  2. Israel
  3. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  4. Jordan
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Kenya
  7. Palestine
  8. Syrian Arab Republic
  9. Nigeria
  10. Lebanese
  11. Egypt

Eleven countries are the only suitable countries for this scholarship application. So, are you a citizen of any of the above? Make way into the scholarship application platform to grab your own form and fill for the betterment of your future and your country as well.

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Christian Young Scholarship application is funded with an agreement between the grantees and the granted. Students will take an oath of Community Revival. You are a benefit to your country and your local religion so you will promote the revival of Christianity in your country and states after your study completion. Another added agreement is to agree on turning back to your people after studies. Hungary will not retain these scholars after studies rather they are meant to go back to their respective homelands. These are the expected!

Christian Young Scholarship Application Form Download pdf

To locate the application form is a day job. As a guest, i will illustrate how you can explore the site and still complete your task without repercussion. First thing first, you have to locate the exact application website for the application. Open your web browser and log onto . Go to the empty column at the middle forefront of the screen.

Choose what you want to study and the study level. Click on Search to open the next page. Select your institution and choose your study programme. If it eventually appears “application closed with red ink” then, you have to wait till next year. But be informed that the application deadline is always on 31st January. As for when application will be started? Drop your email on the comment box below to get full details

Hey! That’s all you need to know about the trending Christian Young Student scholarship. Tell us what you think about this very application to study in Hungary.


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