1. 7788401222133822 is my account # and I want it
    to cancelled immediately. I was charged a late fee last month of 29.00. I paid my bill before it was due but it failed to arrive at your office on time which was not my fault. I had to go through several ppl. To get this matter resolved and was told my next bill would be $1.92 I waited patiently on my bill which I received today which has highly upset me. I am charged 64.60 which includes 2 late payments. I only owed 1.92 which I went ahead and paid 2.50 plus 3.99 to have it sent online. I was told 1.92 would be my next bill which I went ahead and sent online. I wasn’t told to sendo it until my next bill which I received today, with 2 late charged for 1.92 cents. The late fee was taken off for 29.00 and evidently charged me again. Then another 31.oo. this has infuriated me. I am on a fixed income and refuse to be treated this way. I no longer want your credit services and if this isn’t resolved, I will contact our attorney general concerning my consumer rights. Please resolve this immediately.

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