August 13, 2022
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Countries with Largest Tiktok Users | Tiktok Users by Country 2022

Countries with largest Tiktok users are now listed according to the 2022 analysis. Initially, as at 2020, India was the country with up to 160 million users but it is not the same today as the app is banned in their country. The country that covered the preceded country is now open with her follow-up.

You know well enough what Tiktok is and how it has influenced so many lives. It surfaced alongside Likee but it became more popular due to the dance trend plus other features unlike Likee and other short video making apps. Tiktok went to the extent of paying her influencers. No wonder users are trying so hard to grow followers, learn how to grow followers, and perform all the trends to get paid. Although some do it for fun, but most do it for the money.

Nevertheless, we have a compilation of countries with largest Tiktok users. We got it from the lowest to the up-section. You can just stay put to discover the leading country, it may be your country. However, if you are just on this page with no Tiktok app but would love to have one, download it on the section below. Who knows, you may even like the app more than me or start getting paid by Tiktok.

Download Tiktok App for Android and iPhone

Tiktok is a short video making application that needs a ringlight and a phone with good camera, possibly iPhone, Samsung, and other version with pulling HD cameras. These are just not things you need to become an influencer. You should know how to create you own content uniquely, otherwise, you can just stay among the audience, it’s also fun. Therefore, keep yourself busy by

  1. Going to your application store.
  2. Search for Tiktok app.
  3. Download and install
  4. Sign up an account. If you can’t sign up, click here to create Tiktok account.

We can now discover the countries with largest Tiktok users.

Countries with Largest Tiktok Users

The count is from 18 years and above. You can now sit back to discover the country with the lowest and the one with the highest number of tiktok users. Your country may probably be in the middle or in the latter.

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10. Pakistan

Pakistan is a South Asian country that is known as an Islamic region. It is also known as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. With the way only 18+ entertainment goes on TikTok, I’m not surprised to mention it to you as the least country. It has just 24.05 million Tiktok users.

9. Turkey

Who doesn’t know Turkey? One of the most influential countries with the best shopping malls and production companies. No matter the country you are, Turkey materials are the most expensive and also known for quality. The citizens aren’t poor on social media, not to talk of Tiktok. So, the country inhabitated Tiktok with only few of its citizens, 28.68 million.

8. Thailand

Hey, are you from Thailand? I know you must be happy to see your country here too. However, we want you to know that Thailand has up to 38.38 million users currently. It may be higher or lower next year.

7. Philippines

Wow, Being that Tiktok is a Chinese app, it has so many ranking Asian countries. The Republic of the Philippines has many Tiktok users in which these people are some of the most followed Filipino accounts


Some has 11.4 million followers while others has depreciated or above the number mentioned. Notwithstanding, total number of users in the country is 40.36 million.

6. Vietnam

Vietnamese really serve it hot hot. The country has about 45.82 million users on TikTok. Not like these people don’t appear on other social medias, they do, but Tiktok has won a lot of hearts.

5. Mexico

Hopefully Mexicans must be happy that their country is in top 5. With 50.53 million users, Mexico rounded up to the top 5.

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4. Russia

The country with enormous natural resources such as oil and natural gas has its citizens on TikTok too. They happen to have up to 51.3 users. Just a little above Mexico. You won’t believe the country in the third position.

3. Brazil

Wooah!. I was surprised too. Brazil is a country in South America with over 214 million citizens. It is the world’s fifth largest country, so, Tiktok users from the country supposed to be at the high list. Brazilians on TikTok is about 73.58 million Tiktokers.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia followed up the top country with largest number of Tiktok users with the population of about 99 million. The users are all interested in engaging in this popular social media app that helps you to run the day without getting pissed. Promoting products are also possible on TikTok with the number of users in this app.

1. USA

The most developed country also has the highest number of Tiktok users. India was in this position and US followed up. Now, USA is the country with largest number of users TIktok with approximately 136.42 users.

So, what do you think about this list? Is your country among the countries or do you feel that there is a country we are missing? Let us know in the comment box below.

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