August 10, 2022
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Credit Card Capital One Student – Credit Card for Student Registration

Credit Card Capital One Student – Find out more about journey credit card from Capital one and see how it will profit you. Each credit comes with a reward especially credit cards from Capital, however this credit card called the ” Journey students credit card” from capital has more to offer. Student looking for a way to build a little credits while banking with their favorite bank can subscribe to the service of this credit card service

The Journey credit card is one of the credit card capital one student that offers you up to 1.25% cash back on everyday purchases, this is nothing compared to other rewards you will gain as time drives by. Cash back 1.25% when you buy you foods, school supplies, gas etc.

This is a tips of an ice berg compared to what you will enjoy while spending your day.

Do you know aside getting 1.2% on purchases, you can equally make for yourself. 1% cash back when you fund your account back on time. Woow!, am sure you now know why Journey credit card from capital one is one of top student credit cards.

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  • Earn full access to bigger credit line, once you make your payment within five months on time
  • Get 1% cash back o all your payment, when you pay on time
  • card is purely MasterCard
  • No annual fee charges
  • Highly secured in case of loss of password
  • Use creditwise to monitor your credit profile
  • No foreign transactions

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Card Summary Information

  • Annual Fee -$0
  • Rewards Info -1% cash back on purchases
  • Make 1.2% more when you pay on time
  • Bonus Offer – There is bonus offer
  • Card Network – Card Network is MasterCard
  • Transfer Info – 26.49% variable APR; No Transfer Fee

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