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When a student has finally completed Curtin university scholarship application, there are inevitable offers that follow this kind of student. In as much as you will study abroad, all your academic costs will be thoroughly covered.

International students from every country of the world can apply this 50% funded scholarship by Curtin university. It is called the Access Support International Awards. So, students that wants to access quality education through a recognized body can now forward to claim their grants for this God-given opportunity that will last until your course duration elapses.

However, the only course to access is a recognized course of the Curtin university. Above all, your level of study must be either undergraduate or postgraduate. If you want to go for the undergraduate course program, you must be a student that has covered a high school level with a high school diploma still intact ans valid.

On the contrary, postgraduate applicants must have Bachelor’s certificate as their least qualification. Other documents will follow emerge later, but the most demanded is the previous qualification. So, in order to apply at a speed of light, this guide is for you. See how to apply Curtin university for international students.

The procedure is simple and doesn’t demand much. Just your documents, your time (which is less than 25 minutes), an internet enable device that can login the application portal, then a data connection. Only these are the application criteria for Curtin university scholarship for postgraduates and undergraduates. Keep on reading so as to learn how to apply Curtin university scholarship for international students.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Only foreigners can apply for this scholarship.
  2. Either undergraduate or postgraduate application is eligible for consideration.
  3. You must be a student.
  4. More so, apply for an admission and get an admission in one of Curtin university courses which is definitely what you want to study.
  5. Before a postgraduate applicant win a room for consideration, he/she must demonstrate an admission in Curtin university which is a coursework dealt on, during previous level of study.
  6. In addition to that, you must have interest to study in Curtin university because that is the university to further your program.
  7. Application must be done and dusted before the due date.

So, after reviewing these demands from applicants, you will be able to decide on your application because by now, you must have confirmed your eligibility.

Place of Study

Curtin University is the Australian university that will undertake international applicants intending to be partakers of this scholarship. So, have you heard of Curtin University before? It is a prominent and recognized university that you will love to stay to fulfill your coursework.

Application Procedure

Application is done online. In case you attempted the scholarship application initially and hat you got is not what you anticipated, ignore your previous tactics and put this guide into action. It will fetch you what you desire, which is Curtin university grant.

However, this application procedure, scholarship benefits, an the scholarship itself are addressed to the categories of students mentioned below:

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

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Curtin University Scholarship Application

For you to apply this scholarship peacefully, and also enjoy the benefits by getting approval from the organizers ensure that;

  • You are anticipating to attain a program startup in 2021 session.
  • Also. ensure that your scholarship niche is from any of these grants mentioned below:
    • Curtin International Alumni and Family.
    • Curtin International Merit
    • Access Support International Award
    • Curtin International Australian Year 12 scholarship.

Visit Curtin university to apply for an admission in any of the undergraduate or postgraduate coursework depending on the one you are pursuing. After receiving the admission, you will now have the full right to access the scholarship application portal.

The opportunity is accessible by students. So, just log onto apply for your course program provided that it exist among the university programs. Now that we have surface how to apply Curtin university scholarship for international students, we believe it’s no longer difficult for you. Congratulations!

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