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Stop dreaming of studying in Toronto and download Connaught scholarship application form. The application form will board a rocket that will draw attention of the grantees towards you. Do you still wanna study abroad? This is the time to make it happen.

Connaught scholarship is an innovative financial program for international students to start and complete a postgraduate program in their preferred field of study provided that it is available in the institution. This is just because, the only coursework accessible are Ph.D subjects available in University of Toronto. That said, you will now study in University of Toronto if you were enlisted in the scholarship.

So, if you really wanna be a beneficiary, you must apply according to the rules of application. In that case, see how to download Connaught scholarship application form so that you will responsibly apply for your choice of course without much ado. Also, go through the scholarship requirements from all postgraduate applicants since you can only attain Doctoral certification with this program.

Who Can Apply?

For you to apply for this scholarship, you must be a qualified candidate. The characteristics that make up a qualified candidate are what we intend to show you on this section. It will help you to apply promptly.

  • Only international students can apply.
  • More so, postgraduate study aspirants.
  • A student that dreams of studying abroad. You must have interest to study in Canada. Well, Canada is a nice place that 100% of students intends to live in.
  • A candidate that is studying a course prior to eligible subjects.
  • It should also drop to your notice that Canadians are ineligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • An English competent. A student that can speak, read and understand English language very well.

If you don’t have these attributes, you are not qualified and it will be better for you to refrain from learning how to download Connaught scholarship application form totally.

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Documents to Submit

There are supplementary documents to submit alongside the completely filled application so as to validate the application. These materials include:

  • English proficiency test.
  • CV
  • Publications
  • Academic transcripts. Bachelor’s degree is the least to present.
  • Recently captured digital passport.
  • Government issued ID and rest of them.

Hey dear applicant, before we download Connaught scholarship application form, review the scholarship benefits so as to confirm the value of the scholarship you are dreaming of completing your postgraduate through it.

Benefits of Connaught Scholarship for Postgraduates

Quickly explore the benefits of the scholarship that will enable you to attain your study level in Toronto. Nevertheless, your place of study remain University of Toronto. So, you will leverage the benefit of free postgraduate study at University of Toronto.

  • $10,000 is the annual value that will be offered until your duration elapses. This is the support that will be rendered to you for covering your postgraduate study expenses in Canada until your duration elapses.

Download Connaught Scholarship Application Form

To download Connaught scholarship application form is very simple and doesn’t take time. If you decide to study in University of Toronto through a verified and innovative support program that will pay you off for a lifetime, follow this routine to download Connaught scholarship application form. Till when you are ready, visit –

However, ensure that you are eligible before applying this scholarship on the website shown to you. For any misconception that arise during application, make it known to us on the comment box below.

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