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Our scheme offers scholarship to our students only. But that doesn’t mean that international students are excluded. Students from other countries can and will apply but they have to be offered an admission in the Marconi university first before an application will be approved. Meanwhile, applicants are mandated to Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form for their 2020 application.

Our application is open and diverse candidates are trooping in like never before. This happened after students learned our basic rules and our quality impact to beneficiaries of this grant. To ease every other funding aspect, 20% of your tuition fee is already taken as a responsibility by the grantees while other percentage will be covered by the candidate making this scholarship a partial funding scholarship.

But in order to be addressed with the 20% funding, you must cover our pre-screening first before others take place. At this juncture, we’ll provide our candidates with an application form for applying this scholarship. This consists unlocking the page for interested candidates with intent to Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form for the 2020 selection.

In order words, USA will undertake students aiming to attain an undergraduate and graduate training in Computer Engineering and Business Administration through Marconi University scholarship for international and internal students. Hello! What are you waiting for? Is your course mentioned among the qualified courses made available for scholarship recipients at Marconi University? This is the time to prove your intellectual skills and achieve your longing dream through an acquainted skills from the program.

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 Rewards for Winning Candidates

Do you know your bargain as a fresh candidate of Marconi university scholarship? 20% of your tuition fee will be attended to, by the grantees and other costs will be included. But 80% of your tuition is your responsibility. Therefore, with our scheme program, your Bachelor’s Degree level and Masters Degree level will be attended to, without interruptive stress after the first time screening or entrance screening has been undergone.

Qualified Academic Level 

We administers two level of academic qualification with our scholarship scheme. But this qualification is allotted to students with demanded requirements. To cut the whole story short; basic requirements from students will be shown on this page for interested applicants. Then, those applicants must ensure that they met with those criteria. If they fortunately covered 100% of the listed criteria:

  • They will be certified with a Bachelor’s Degree qualification and
  • Masters Degree level of qualification

But both depends on your targeted qualification anyway. Meanwhile, each addressed level has its qualification criteria. Lets go through them one after the other

Qualification Criteria for Undergraduates (Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form)

Students attain an undergraduate level of qualification with our partially funded scholarship and these are requirements from each and every for the undergraduate applicants

  1. Your High School Diploma must be intact and available for immediate scholarship consideration and it will equally serve as a proof for an attended High school studies
  2. Both international students and US citizens are free to apply
  3. The application will seize after 21st August 2020
  4. Certification is offered for only these courses; Business Administration and Computer Engineering Emerging Technologies
  5. Must demonstrate agreement to startup the program in Marconi University, USA
  6. Its a full-time program for all applicants

Keep reading to learn how to Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form.

Qualification Criteria for Graduates

Graduates that are pursuing a Masters certification can actually attain this degree qualification if our qualification criteria are met. Without much ado, lets reveal the mandates from scholarship organizers:

  • Graduate applicant grabs our attention with a Valid Bachelor’s Degree certificate proving successful completion of a previous program
  • For Both International and US citizens
  • The application will seize after 21st August 2020
  • These faculties will be fostered with our grants; Business Administration and Computer Engineering
  • Our candidate becomes a winning student when the agreement to attain this certification will be undertaken in Marconi University, USA
  • Its a full time program for all applicants

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You’ve seen that Marconi University Scholarship in USA for International students covers both undergraduate and graduate certification. As a freshman, it will fund your two academic levels making it more advantaged for students with insufficient finances for studies. So, its better to Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form for starting completion of a higher institution program in US

Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form

Our application is currently open but will surely end on 21st August 2020. This is a sure reason for you to apply now at the online portal. But it has been informed that serious candidates of this scholarship must have been admitted into their field of study and at the exact level of study in the institution before scholarship application is attempted.

However, many students are currently on this page for exposure of Marconi scholarship application form for download. Furtherance, Download Marconi University Scholarship Application Form at

When it has been concluded, await for your result which will be emailed directly to the address provided on your detailed form. We wish you luck all the way.


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